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Inchoo isn’t a simple ornamentation, it’s a jewel combining romanticism and eccentricity; it’s the mystery of a feminine symbol that’s not afraid to show a darker side. Every piece becomes a unique poem, unveiling force and finesse through noble materials.


Inchoo Bijoux is born from Astrid Apissoghomian's love for poetry and intricate ornements. It is a reflection of her lifestyle and her many extravageant passions. She loves baroque inspired environments, the dark and gothic inspired looks but also the highly feminine and glamour tastes of it. Her world flirts around skulls, taxidermy and macabre inspired themes as much as big statement shiny and haute couture jewelry. She loves to create new pieces using the body as a canvas. Inchoo Bijoux is for her, the perfect balance between gothic and glamour jewelry

People find my things to be sometimes aggressive. I see it as romantic dealing with a dark side of personality. – Alexander Mc Queen

During her years of professional practice, she learned many different techniques in de metalsmith career and other related fields: feather work, recycled fur processing, taxidermy, watchcase and watch movement making and maintenance, Rhino Gold and 3D printing, etching(Silver and Copper), stone setting, casting, matrix making, wax carving, jewellery, watch and clock repairing, tool fabrication, working with resins, wood and concrete, pearl necklace mounting, manufacturing of dental prostheses and manufacturing of wood glasses frames. She works mostly with Sterling Silver but also masters Gold and Platinum. Astrid loves to learn and try different techniques. She explores different styles, as she like to see her knowledge flow as she gains experience.

She also has an Occupational Specialization in Business Starting and Management that gave her solid business competences in: organization and planification, event planning logistics, marketing and display set ups, community management, human resources, inventory management, accounting, legal procedures, copyrights and customer service. She is also the founder and event organizer for a new Local Pop-Up Shop called Gemmes starting in 2017.

I feel like everyone’s trying to make things simpler, and I like things that are intricate and detailed and fancy. –Dita Von Teese

Inchoo Bijoux's workshop is located in Hochelaga in Montreal. They offer bench locations and mentoring to different jewellers of the neighborhood as it is fully equipped.

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