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Raw and Refined Jewelry. You with an Edge

You with an Edge
Combining romanticism and eccentricity, Inchoo is the symbol of a woman who’s not afraid to show her darker side. 

“People find my things to be sometimes aggressive. I see it as romantic dealing with a dark side of personality.” – Alexander McQueen

Inchoo Bijoux was born from Astrid Apissoghomian's love for poetry and intricate ornaments.  Inspired by the glamorous and feminine side of baroque environments, the designer loves to create conversation pieces using the body as a canvas. Her work is a modern take on gothic aesthetics, featuring traditional references like skulls, studs and crosses, mixed with a rocker twist and a deep love for over-the top, statement pieces and haute couture jewelry.

With Inchoo Bijoux, she aims to create the perfect balance between edgy fashion and glamour jewelry. Each piece finds its own distinct personality, becoming a unique poem and unveiling force and finesse through noble materials.

“I feel like everyone’s trying to make things simpler, and I like things that are intricate and detailed and fancy.” –Dita Von Teese

Montreal-based jewelry brand Inchoo Bijoux made its way to the 2018 Oscars, spoiling the press with two of their best-sellers. The brand will also be featured in some of the most talked-about TV series and Netflix productions in the fall/winter 2018 season.

During her years of professional practice, Astrid learned many different techniques in the metallurgy field and other related techniques like feather work, recycled fur processing, RhinoGold and 3D printing, etching (silver and copper), stone setting, watch and clock repairing and pearl necklace mounting, to name a few. In her Montreal workshop, the artist mostly works with sterling silver but also masters gold and platinum. She loves to learn and try different techniques, and to explore different styles, as she likes to see her knowledge flow as she gains experience. Unique and innovative, her pieces emanate creativity and quality.

Astrid completed an occupational specialization in Business Starting and Management that gave her solid business skills in event planning, marketing, logistics and customer service. She then went on to study at l’École de joaillerie du Québec at Limoilou before launching Inchoo Bijoux in 2008. She is also the founder of The Crystal Formation, which offers mentoring, branding and coaching for small handmade businesses.

Our Mission
Inchoo Bijoux aims to empower people of every color, sexual identity, size and origin and inspire them to love themselves, no matter how they choose to present themselves. Because there is beauty in diversity and power in owning what makes one stand out, we welcome the wicked, the abnormal, the weird and the extravagant.

The Inchoo Tribe is not scared to be creative, spooky, weird or glittery; they are strong, brave and powerful, and help others around them to embrace every aspect of who they are. They are authentic, they are unique… they are you, with an edge.

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The Inchoo Squad
Astrid Apissoghomian: Founder & Head designer & Maker = All
Joelle Stébenne: Workshop Manager & maker
Catherine Guidon : Maker
Maude Moly Tchang Leith : Maker
AudreyAnne Marcotte: Blogger  & Press Relations & Shipping
Eve Lapierre : Event Management & Communications
Ariane Beaudry : Media and Press inquiries & Writer & Social Media Manager