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Social Content manager at Inchoo Bijoux

Social Content manager at Inchoo Bijoux

       Social Content manager at        Inchoo Bijoux

(What do I actually get paid for?)

If you were wondering how I ended up in charge of the socials of one of the most Iconic Glam and Goth jewelry companies of the moment... well... actually, I ask myself the same question!

 First of all let me introduce myself. Hiiiiiii! I’m Emiwan (missemiwan), nice to meet you!
I am a graduate degree in Film Animation from the Mel Hoppenheim’s School of Cinema at Concordia University. Yeah, I can hear you ask,“ Wow that’s great Emiwan, but how does this relate to Social content management!?”

Worry not my spooky little friend, I’m getting there. First of y’all, I specialize in illustration and Graphic design and this came-in handy when I met Astrid, Inchoo Bijoux’s CEO and my dear friend. A couple years ago, I started working as a freelancer and Astrid commissioned illustrations from me for her social medias and Celestial Jewels. This is were our long partnership and friendship started!

As a freelancer, I opened my own Etsy shop, therefore I kinda learned the hard way how to use social medias to push my small stationary business. I also sucked all the juices from Astrid’s beautiful brain because that Unicorn Queen knows a lot about SEO, Etsy management, TikTok... name it all.

Then last October when my contract at the animation studio I worked for ended she offered me to take the job since the current social content manager you knew and love Ève decided to go back to school.

Basically since then I am the one filming the content you see on different platforms: Instagram, Facebook, TikTok. I also post on Twitter and Pinterest and finally I write the blogs you can find on our website. I also answer your questions, reach out for collabs, I design the visuals for the Witch Please Market, the blog and newsletters.
I also get first access to try all the latest creations at Inchoo and I greet you when you come to see us at the shop. I mean I’m a multitask Witch!

As an artist, you can also find me on socials under @missemiwan where I draw either badass feminine witch oddities or cute and glittery pink aesthetic girly stuff. Badass tarot witch by moonlight, glittering pink artist at daylight!
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