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Meet our Wicked Team!  Maude - Silversmith

Meet our Wicked Team! Maude - Silversmith

Inchoo Bijoux has the privilege to be a small business powered by a team of incredibly talented women! We wanted to show them our gratitude with this series of small blog post. Each month we will give you the opportunity to get to know one of the Wicked Girls a little better!


Meet our Wicked Team! 

Maude - Silversmith 

 Maude or Molly has been on the Wicked Team for already 3 years! Big Inchoo fan at first, she learned everything about jewelry making from Astrid and previous employees. She is the mommy of the team and always makes sure everyone is happy at work!

One of her strengths is keeping the team bonded and strong. She is also Inchoo's Septum specialist. She loves soldering and making septums and ear cuffs.

Her favourite Inchoo piece are the Fake Safety Pin Septum and the Big Open Heart Sacred Earrings.

Maude says about her style:  ``It is chaotic but also I like to listen to my heart. I go with the flow and pay attention when people give me their advice and personal insights.``

She is obsessed about Sea Life and jellyfishes. Her creations are a great reflection of her love for anything underwater.

Her favourite jewels are the Tentacle Ring and Ursula Ear weights.



You can find Maude's work here: