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Meet our Wicked Team!  Caroline Leprohon - Silversmith

Meet our Wicked Team! Caroline Leprohon - Silversmith

Inchoo Bijoux has the privilege to be a small business powered by a team of incredibly talented women! We wanted to show them our gratitude with this series of small blog post. Each month we will give you the opportunity to get to know one of the Wicked Girls a little better!



Meet our Wicked Team! 
Caroline Leprohon - Silversmith 
Caroline Leprohon is one of our wonderful silversmiths. She is the quiet and peaceful type but don't underestimate her, she is as witty and quick to the answer as one can! 
Her strengths as a silversmith are soldering and last minute rush projects. If a client needs quick adjustments on a jewel, she will be the one to jump on the task. 
Her favourite Inchoo Bijoux jewels are the Confessional ring and Wide Confess your Sins earrings which is a gorgeous design the whole team agrees on! 
As a jeweler herself, Caroline describes her style as profoundly inspired by nature and past memories. She likes to work with shapes and movement. You can find waves and ocean inspiration in her rings and pendants. Her creations are often organic, somewhat abstract with a reflexion of forces of nature. 
Her favourite creations are her Wave Ring and Spring bracelet 
You can find Caroline's work here:  
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