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Meet our Wicked Team!  Isa - Silversmith

Meet our Wicked Team! Isa - Silversmith

Inchoo Bijoux has the privilege to be a small business powered by a team of incredibly talented women! We wanted to show them our gratitude with this series of small blog post. Each month we will give you the opportunity to get to know one of the Wicked Girls a little better!


Meet our Wicked Team! 

Isa - Silversmith 

Isa is one of our badass silversmith at Inchoo Bijoux. She joined the team last fall with all her good energy, and her love for D&D!  
When it comes to technique, Isa likes to be in charge of polishing jewels. She loves making everything looking bright and shiny shiny. 
Her favourite Inchoo Bijoux pieces are the Fake Claws collection. They are also the jewels she likes handcrafting the most! 
Isa's aesthetic tells stories about ancient myths and legends. Stories she creates for her games or stories inspired by old tales. Her pieces are massive, organic with much small details. She will work out of the little imperfections and flaws of the material she crafts.
He favourite creation is her Moonbeetle necklace 
You can find Isa's work under Chaos Repository here: 
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