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AudreyAnne Marcotte

I’m a stylist, blog writer and booth babe at Inchoo Bijoux.

I’ve been working with Astrid for almost eight years now. I touch a lot of things in the company but not the production of the jewels because I care about my fingers! (Jewelry making is tough on the hands)

The part that I am the proudest about Inchoo Bijoux and Astrid is, being there for such a long time, I was able to see the growth of the brand and of the people in the team. Astrid became a brilliant business woman who cares about the quality of her product, her client and most importantly, her employees.

I’m passionate about reading and arts, jewels and makeup design. I also have a little place in my heart for twisted dirty humour, but don’t say that out loud. It would let people think that I have a heart.

Finally, my favorite part about working at Inchoo Bijoux is… the free jewels! Kidding! My favorite part is the team. I feel very lucky to be a small part of this team of wonderful women and be able to know them all.

Working for Inchoo Bijoux gave me the opportunity to meet fabulous people and that’s, for me, more precious than any gemstones!