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Joelle Stébenne

I’m one of the jewelers and I’ve been working at Inchoo since 2018.

I’m the head of the workshop.

I do most of the gem set jewels, orders and custom orders.

I make sure that each one of your orders are done perfectly!

One of my favorite things is when we finish a piece that the whole team worked on, seeing the result and having picture feedbacks of clients! A finished project is always so satisfying, especially when we make someone happy with it!

Something funny about me…! Oh! I’m really picky about music! I put the same playlist again and again when I’m working. My colleagues made me promise to update it soon. I might do it… or not!

Outside of work, I’m passionate about watercolor, acrylic paint, drawing, creating things.

Is Michaels a passion? If so then Michael’s is one of my passions!

I’m really crafty, I sew my own Lolita clothes.

I also love PC Video Games of all kinds.

I also have my own brand of jewels, MADmoiselle S Bijoux.

I make gold and sterling silver jewels and my inspirations are nature, myths and everything magical around us.

To see my art
Instagram : madmoisellejewels

Facebook : MADmoiselle S

Etsy : MADmoiselle S