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Get to know Marisa Parisella

I am a photographer and I've been working with Inchoo Bijoux on special projects for over a year now.
I love that I get to work with such talented, inspiring and amazing people - BUT, I especially love that I get to have a first look at new pieces and brainstorm exciting photos with Astrid.

Inchoo jewellery always pulls out the best in my work.
I'm often diplomatic and monotone on the outside, but inside I'm secretly a big softie.

You can find me holding up traffic so I can run across the street to pat a dog.
Outside of Inchoo, I run a private studio where I photograph people from all walks of life.
I create unique decors to shoot in and constantly strive to provide a safe & welcoming environment.

Follow me on
Instagram : MarisaParisella
My Website: BoudoirMTL