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Maude Leith Tchang

I'm Maude Moly, I assume the position of apprentice jeweler at Inchoo Bijoux.

I’m also taking care of the booth during events and pop up shops.

Astrid, Joëlle and Catherine patiently tutor me so I can become as good of a silversmith as I possibly can.

My love story with Inchoo Bijoux started by being an adorable client and I got to know Astrid and her passion for jewel and I wanted to be part of that fabulous team, so now, here I am!

I’m definitely clumsy, be certain that I have tons of stories about that, being a jeweler and having to work with tiny pieces and precise tools! I’m also the crazy cat lady in the workshop you can always get my attention with a "meow".What I like the most about working for Inchoo is definitely, the family spirit. More than a working team, we are a coven, always ready to help and support each other.

Outside Inchoo Bijoux, I am a masseuse therapist, sex-ed facilitator, and self proclaimed "jack of all trades".

Cosplay and crafts of all sorts are my ultimate passion,

you can always catch me at nerdy or witchy conventions or events across town!

To see my art
Instagram : emaudecreations

Facebook : e-Maude Creations!

Etsy : eMaudeCreations