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2021, what a YEAR for Inchoo Bijoux!

2021, what a YEAR for Inchoo Bijoux!

2021, what a YEAR for Inchoo Bijoux!

This year has been such a rollercoaster for the whole Wicked Team at Inchoo Bijoux. Despite the world‘ s pandemic and its 3rd than 4th and finally 5th wave (we actually stopped counting,) we still managed to do a lot of amazing things. We decided in order to start 2022 brand new, we’d made a list of some of our most prized achievements of 2021, thanks to the wonderful team we have, and also thanks to all of you who support and follow us with every crazy new project that comes into Astrid’s beautiful head!

Inchoo Bijoux made customized jewelry for Adrianna the Bombshell who participated to Canada’s Drag Race! For those who know Astrid’s love for RuPaul’s Drag Race, if THIS is not a life goal achievement what else is? You can find Adrianna’s selection of jewels on our website.

Inchoo Bijoux is now growing our Coffin Jelwelry Collection bigger than ever! With 9 new colours of crystals to choose from and 3 different gem sizes making us the business to contact for your fix of coffin-shaped crystals!


The Wicked team at Inchoo Bijoux is growing again with new employees. We 3 new silver smiths: Caroline Leprohon, Isa Cadieux and Monica Vale! We are so grateful to have them in the team! Miss Emiwan is our new social content manager always glued to her beautiful bulldog Rosie who will run to greet you and, for a good scratch!


The long awaited 4th edition of the Witch Please market for all goth and alternative lovers officially happened! It was a long overdue celebration for everybody and a definite success! We missed you guys so so so much!


Inchoo Bijoux classified in the top 5 Montreal jewelry stores before we even opened the boutique!


Our TikTok account totally blew out of control with more than 45K followers! We also reached 1M views on one video!


Astrid restarted giving her Etsy and Shopify classes helping many new artists boosting sales on their online shops.

With the boutique in Montreal, we had the opportunity to showcase other alternative artists by selling their craft on consignment. Astrid also added to the shop plenty of antiques and trinkets from around the world!


And finally, Inchoo is currently working on 2 new secrets projects. More details coming soon, stay tuned!


From Astrid and the Wicked team at Inchoo Bijoux have a great year everybody and see you soon-ish with many more wonderful projects and event. We all got this!

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