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Top 5 Gothic Places To Visit In Paris

Explore dark Paris with a journey through its hauntingly beautiful gothic sites. Unearth the secrets of Montparnasse Cemetery, where famous figures like Serge Gainsbourg and Simon de Beauvoir rest in eternal slumber. Venture into the shadowy corridors of night clubs, where ancient ghosts await.  Dare to tread the mysterious catacombs beneath the city, a labyrinthine underworld filled with skeletal echoes of Parisian history. Embrace the gothic mystique of the City of Lights! Here is a list of our Top 5 Goth places to visit in Paris!

1) Catacombs of Paris
AKA The Empire of Death! Top of the list of course! A place where vampires dwell, a route to Hell, a dizzying maze, a macabre legend. Go with friends or familly, perhaps a tour guide who can give you some insight, or even go by yourself. But truth be told, with the ossuaries holding the remains of over 6 million people, you're never truly alone. One visit to the Catacombs and you'll get a glimpse into the inspiration of our newest collection. 
P.S. In the garden of dead and of course we had to snap a pic of our newest creation: The Catacomb Heavy Skull Cross Pendant. 
2) Montparnasse Cemetery
Another gothic standard of Paris! The second largest cemetery in Paris after Pere Lachaise, and our personal favourite. Want to chase ghosts or perhaps visit the tombs of celebrities. Best to have a map as it can be difficult to navigate, especially if there's a specific grave you wish to visit. Some people of note buried here: Marcel Proust, Simon de Beauvoir, Serge Gainsbourg , Charles Baudelaire, and Samuel Becket, to name a few. Paris: a city of romance and beautiful cemeteries. 
3) Urban Exploration.
This one is a bit broad as there's no specific location to send you, plus it's a little bit on the illegal side. Paris has no shortage of abandoned buildings ripe for exploration, or hop on a train for a day trip to the countryside and find yourself one of France's many abandoned chateaus to explore. You're bound to find some spectacular forgotten locations, some creative art installations, and if you're lucky- a ghost or two. Just watch your step! Old floors and stairs might not exactly be... trustworthy. 
4) Clubbing
Paris has a unique nightlife of it's own, and we're going to give you two of our favourite goth spots to go out dancing- One underground and one on water!
Les Caves Lechapelais The Roman vaults make you feel like an immortal vampire. Damp stones, neon lights, and pulsating music. Just be warned that it gets very hot, so be prepared to sweat! This is the epitome of underground.
Soiree Gothique et Glam Rock a Paris: This one is truly a unique experience! A goth club night on a boat on the Seine itself! This one you have to time well if you're visiting, as this event only happens every month or two. Follow their facebook page to see future events: 
Another fave that we visited is Le Très Particulier! This venue has vampire, serious vampire vibes, sumptuous decor, and ambient lighting. Be careful, you might just meet a creature of the night here! However, I'm sure they will be very well dressed!
5) Shopping 
We recommend Rue Keller! Lots of cool gothic, punk, and more fashion styles. So depending on your particular style of gothic fashion, the stores along this street should have you covered! Black Sugar, New Rock It's the goth-to street for our blog readers! Stay away from Champs-Elysees, much too common. For vintage shopping lovers, your neighborhood to check out is Le Marais! We recommend Lapin Boutique (especially if you love vintage jumpsuits) and Free'P'Star (cheap, go in the morning to get the best finds). Edemonium is also an amazing boutique for jewellery and oddities!
What are some of your favourite gothic places to visit in Paris? Or do you have an experience or fact about one of the places we mentioned? 
Signed with love from Montreal's number one Elvira impersonator, 
Tristan Ginger
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