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An Ode to Saltburn!

An Ode to Saltburn!

Welcome to Saltburn! In the gothic depths of cinematic storytelling, there lies an estate shrouded in desire and horror! "Saltburn," a hauntingly atmospheric film, captivates audiences with its enigmatic characters and gothic landscapes. As the mist rolls in from the surrounding countryside, let us pair our some of signature gothic jewelry pieces with some of main characters of this film. Beware: Spoilers ahead!

1. The Handsome Heartthrob: As one the central figures in Saltburn's sexually charged chilling narrative, Felix Catton (played by Jacob Elordi) exudes an air of laissez fair and seductiveness. While we don't carry eyebrow piercings like Felix sports during the beginning of the film (he removes it once he arrives to Saltburn), we can picture him with one of our cigarette- joint holders on one of his sensual fingers. He does like to smoke the devil's lettuce (not his only vice) and we can easily picture him taking a draw from our Catacombs Sterling Silver Joint Holder in his briefs while backlit by the morning sun and a shower of dust. Gothic allure and a rocker's dream in the palm of your hand. 

    2. Mad Ophelia: Bewitching, beguiling, and tragic- the Ophelia of Saltburn, Venitia Catton (played by Alison Oliver), is a creature of dark allure. While she's irresponsible and has very little control in her life, we would like to focus on the vampiric nature of her character as style inspiration. From her nocturnal garden blood drinking with Oliver, to her spider dress, we think she needs something sharp on her finger! We could see her wearing one of our Spider Stiletto Nail Claw Rings, perhaps to drag down Oliver's back. A fierce finger tip armor. Also, to pair with her crystal spider-web dress; our Silver Big Spider Web Hoop Earrings!  Venita's essence in jewelry is to embrace the depths of desire and danger, though she was ultimately caught in someone else's web.

    3. The Jealous Cousin: The jealous cousin or a brilliant bitch? Farleigh Start (played by Archie Madekwe) saw through Oliver's attempts at social climbing and became one of Oliver's primary antagonist. Farleigh has an effortless style and can seemingly unlock anyone's secret, so we picture him wearing our Victorian Skull Key Pendant on a chain around his neck. Modeled from a vintage key found in New Orleans before being elaborately decorated in sterling silver by us. It's intricate design seems like something that would catch Farleigh's eye, and is the perfect metaphor for unlocking Oliver's hidden truths.

    4. The Haunted Mother: Felix's mother, an ex-model who is easily won over by compliments. Rising to fame from the Britpop London of the 1990s, Elspeth Catton (played by Rosamund Pike), like Oliver, does not originally come from Saltburn. A throwback to her video vixen days or when she was the muse for Pulp, we could picture her wearing our Silver Sacred Heart Stud Earrings- her long blonde hair pulled back, along with our Big Sacred Heart Pendant. It wouldn't be a daytime look, but for an evening dinner party where these silver pieces would bedazzle in candlelight. The sacred heart would symbolize the strong devotion she has towards her family. This jewelry would not at all be common, unlike the Pulp song she supposedly inspired; "Common People".

    5. The Malevolent Mastermind: Finally, we have arrived to the main villain. We've mentioned his name already a few times, but our evil mastermind of this gothic story is Oliver Quick (played by Barry Keoghan). Just a poor buy enrolled at Oxford trying to fit in with the wealthy elite... er, rather he's the malevolent mastermind of Saltburn pulling the strings of fate, orchestrating chaos and destruction with a wicked grin. For Oliver, we could picture him wearing our Salt and Pepper Diamond Penis Ring. Signet rings have a rich history, worn by Greek commanders as a symbol of victory, and from the middle ages to the nineteenth century a signet ring was used to denote power, property, and high status. The penis diamond is a good throwback to Oliver's celebratory naked dance through the halls of Saltburn.

    As we journey through the twisted corridors of Saltburn's narrative, we are reminded of the timeless allure of gothic storytelling and the enduring power of jewelry to evoke emotion and captivate the imagination. So, how did we do? Do you think that we got the jewelry pieces for each character right? What would you're suggestions be?

    And if you're craving more Saltburn, our resident ginger is putting together a Saltburn Burlesque show, Thursday, April 25th, at The Wiggle Room, here in Montreal, Quebec! Come get lost in Saltburn. Eat the rich, and have a glass of delicious bathwater!

    Signed with love, from Montreal's number one Elvira impersonator,

    Tristan Ginger 

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