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How to put on Inchoo Bijoux Piercings - Nose Rings, Septums, Daith, Helix, Rook and Lip Rings

How to put on Inchoo Bijoux Piercings - Nose Rings, Septums, Daith, Helix, Rook and Lip Rings

How to put on Septums, Nose Rings, Daith, Helix Rooks and Lip Rings

Hi there sweet ghouls, gals and wicked hearts of the universe,

For a few weeks, we've been getting a lot of questions about our septums and nose rings, so i figured we could do a quick step by step on how to put our Nose Rings, Septums, Daith, Rooks, Helix and Lip Rings (pierced) on!

Quick info & FAQ:
We make what is called "continuous wire" piercings, which means that the wire is meant to be bent, twisted, to open and then close. As much as it feels awkward, and it feels like your misshaping your jewelry, it is the correct way to do it.

Are your Piercings Clickers?
We do not sell clicker type piercings, as the components to make them would be to expensive and would result in septums priced over 150 $ each for our Sterling Silver collections. We can make a few as custom orders. Clickers that are found on the market are machine made and made in a way that can be reproduced thousands of time, which is not the type of machinery or craftsmanship that we can do or afford.

Can you make me a Belly Barbel or a screwed type piercing?
We cannot make jewelry or piercings that necessitate screwed parts like barbels, tongue piercings and such. Sterling Silver and Gold are very soft metals compared to surgical steel. It would result in jewelry that you could put in but maybe not ever take out, or jewels that the screws are weirdly loose. We prefer to make jewelry that we know will last you and that our handmade artisan making process can't fuck up. If you buy these types of jewels from another shop, make sure they are machine made so the parts fit well together and that the Karat is low (take a 10K ideally, do not take a 14K or 18K) as the gold in the mix makes the metal much softer and will damage with the friction of taking it off. 

To put your piercing in :

Wash your hands.

Disinfect your septum. As much as we send you your jewelry clean and in a little bag, it's always better to clean your jewelry with a bit of alcohol on a tissue. We do not recommend washing your jewelry with soap as some little particles could get stuck in the design aspects of the jewelry. I also don't recommend it because some soaps will react with Sterling Silver or Massive Gold and change the finish, or ruin the jewelry completely. Rubbing Alcohol is better( is that the correct translation, sorry we are french!).

Twist the wire side ways, the motion looks like when you rip a piece of paper. Make sure the opening is comfortable enough to fit over the cartilage, lip or septum cartilage.

Take your time to find your piercing hole. Once you have it, gently push your piercing through the hole. The wire should come out the other side.

Then you can gently re-twist the wire back to it's original position. There might be a slight gap, you can re-twist it back and forth to help them adjust.

Then you just have to adjust the angle of your septum and you are all set.

If you are having pain :

Make sure you ordered the right gauge for your piercing. If you ordered a gauge that is thicker than your original piercing, you might be stretching your hole.

Make sure you ordered the right diameter for your piercing. Sometimes people want to buy a smaller diameter to have a very tight fit and it ends up putting pressure on your cartillage, cut blood circulation and such. If you want to get the smallest piercing jewelry possible for your hole, make sure you ask a professional first, they will give you the right measure for you to order. Please respect the advice given to you by professionals, piercing jewelry is meant to be comfortable.

Lastly, make sure you aren't allergic to silver. Our Sterling Silver is very pure and we've had a very small handful of people react to our sterling silver in the past but, it is possible that you are allergic. To test, try wearing a sterling silver ring on your finger (make sure its massive silver and not silver plated), if you get a reaction because of the ring, there is a possibility that your piercing hole isn't happy about it either. This should be the last thing to consider on your list, please make sure you check your Gauge and Diameter sizing first as it has been the most common issue people have had.

Here are Videos to show you how to put on :

Our Septums

Our Nose Studs

Our Nose Chains

Our Helix, Rook and Daith Piercings

Our Lip Rings
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