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Montreal Gothic Places to Hang Out!

Montreal Gothic Places to Hang Out!

Montreal is filled with incredible architecture and history! If you are visiting Montreal, you should stop at these incredible destinations! Here is a list of our favourite Gothic Places in Montreal!

outremont fountain
  • Outremont Fountain
    Good for a little stop and some photos. We all need a cute little spot to take a selfie, and Outremont Fountain can give you the gothic feel, like you're in an antique oil painting.
    215 Avenue Bloomfield

    cabaret berlin

  • Cabaret Berlin
    Montreal's only nightclub dedicated to goth, queer, and fetish parties. This is maybe the closest you can get to stepping into a gothic Berlin nightclub in a Montreal setting. The term "goth" can be pretty broad, so here you can have your fill of Bauhaus or Celine Dion, depending on the night! Cabaret Berlin is Montreal's home for LGBTQ+, underground, and alternative culture. Plus good drinks and a smoke machine, what more could a goth ask for?
    1982 St Catherine Est

    inchoo bijoux shop

  • Inchoo Bijoux!
    Not only is Inchoo Bijoux a boutique where you can find unique and gothic handcrafted silver & gold jewelry, but it has some rare oddities as well! Uranium glassware, antique crucifixes, Victorian jewelry, creepy dolls, vintage Ouija boards, Tarot cards, and more! Not only can you walk away with some ornate gothic jewelry, but you might also find something for your arcane collection, whatever it may be. And yes, the boutique is located inside a castle!
    4000 Ste Ambroise, Suite 278

  • Old Montreal: Traditional Ghost Walk of the Haunted City
    Why not go for some serious gothic vibes and experience a bit of the supernatural in Montreal's Old Port? Follow a storyteller and explore a completely different Old Montreal full of ghosts and unexplained mysteries! A gothic journey through Montreal's history, if you will.
    Tickets & info:

    montreal cemetery

  • Notre-Dame-des-Neiges Cemetery
    Why not visit the cemetery? Makes for a lovely spot to have a picnic during the daytime, or a walk with a cute goth date to check out the tombstones. Designated a National Historic Site of Canada, it's the country's largest cemetery and the greenest! It's also the third largest cemetery in North America. Founded in 1854 as a garden cemetery in the French style, it has some stunning mausoleums, and might be fertile grounds for some paranormal activity. How romantic! Personally, my favourite is a Sunday stroll with headphones and a good playlist.
    The entrance and the grounds run along a part of Côte-des-Neiges Road and up the slopes of Mount Royal. 

    boutique diabolik

  • Boutique Diabolik
    Montreal's number one gothic and alternative store. For anyone who loves a gothic fashion style, or even some alternative fashion, Boutique Diabolik is your goth go to. Platform shoes, capes, or the tried & true fashion staple: The mini-skirt. A staple on the local goth scene for over 20 years.
    3913 Saint Denis St
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