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Our Fave Gothic Flavoured Looks From Met Gala 2024

Our Fave Gothic Flavoured Looks From Met Gala 2024

Last night was the annual Met Gala, with the theme being "Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion". Think gardens, fairy tales, the passing of time, romance, and flowers. We couldn't help but notice that there was a delicious gothic flair on the red carpet. Here are some of our favorite looks from last night, in no particular order, which could each pass as goth inspired! 

1) Harris Reed left us speechless with this iconic look. Literally, a religious icon, perfectly painted and draped. He describes his aesthetic as "Romanticism gone non-binary" and we're absolutely here for it! Harris is also wearing his own design; this look perfectly underlines that fashion is an art form!


2) Usher. We need more men to dress like Usher, please. It's giving romantic goth, it's giving Tuxedo Mask (it's no secret that many goths are fans of Sailor Moon). He is wearing a custom Alexander McQueen design. And please note; your cape should always touch the ground!


3) Sydney Sweeney. Ok so when we saw her getting ready and leaving the Carlyle Hotel for the Met Gala, we were so excited for this look! Veils are absolutely in! Sheer, and embellished with rhinestones. So mysterious! Many secrets! Unfortunately, once she arrived at the Met Gala, she removed the veil and the overall look lost some of it's flair. Still a gorgeous outfit (a Miu Miu ball gown) and love the black bob! Very Snow White vibes.


4) Gwendoline Christie wearing an orange Maison Margiela gown and a black tulle cape. Simple but striking, and hair absolutely makes this look! "Whimsy Goth" has been a trending gothic subgenre on social media- Not hardcore goth, but a softer dark aesthetic. Gothic, yet quirky. She hasn't played a vampire on screen yet, has she? All hail our next vampire queen! 


5) Wisdom Kaye wearing custom Robert Wun. So last week on our blog we discussed gothic fashion trends for 2024 and this look perfectly encapsulated a trend we mentioned: Monochrome styling, but all in red! Think outside the gothic box, a goth doesn't need to always dress all in black. We love this romantic look, and the fire burnt edges to this outfit are just perfection *chef's kiss* 

Photo: AFP

6) Zendaya wore not one, but THREE outfits last night on the red carpet. The third look was our favorite, and while the dress is gorgeous (wearing John Galliano and styled as always by the seminal Law Roach), it's the headpiece that really wowed us! An upside down floral bouquet as a headpiece is pure genius! We love a long trailing dress and this one is from Galliano's 1996 era (for Givenchy) and the fascinator is by Philip Treacy (for Alexander McQueen, circa 2006). Expect more of these headpieces to pop up in photoshoots and on drag queens this summer.  


 7) Barry Keoghan made his red carpet debut at the Met Gala wearing this Victorian inspired Burberry suit. And yes, we will absolutely bring up last week's blogpost about gothic fashion trends for 2024; 1) He's hitting the mixed textures we mentioned; velvet, leather, and silk 2) Victorian Influences ie the high neck blouse, the silk tie, and the ruffled sleeve accent. Can he please join Gwendoline Christie in a future vampire movie? Just imagine the looks!


8) Dany Levy giving us some of that trending "whimsy goth" in his custom Loewe suit. We love this look for it's humor and it's perfect resume of the looks we've been seeing on this year's red carpet, black with colorful flowers! We also love how this look quickly become a meme.  

Photo: Amir Hamja/The New York Times

9) Emma Chamberlain monochromatic in a gothic chocolate brown. Painstakingly made by Gaultier and inspired by the dark side of nature, well over 600 hours went into the making of this dress and features the work of a small, detail orientated team. Emma describes this outfit in one word; "Decaying". Pure gothic poetry. Alexa, please play Kylie Minogue's "Like Chocolate".

Photo: Gilbert Flores/Getty Images

10) Sir Lewis Hamilton. It's quite lovely to see the men put in so much effort this year. Lewis is looking very sleek in this Burberry outfit and we were very drawn to the jewelry which we first assumed was inspired by the crown of thorns- However, the thorns represent the "pain" caused by the slavery trade. He's honoring the life of John Ystumllyn, the first black gardener in Wales, hence the flower earrings and details on the suit. Fashion with a real story behind it. 

Taylor Hill / Getty Images

11) Ok, so we're finishing with Cardi B, because with all these looks we want the take-away to be tulle. Lots and lots of tulle. Extra points if you can find a small army of men to help carry your tulle. You can wear one sheer layer of tulle as cape, layer together under a skirt for volume, or buy out all the tulle in the city to become a fluffy gothic cloud, like Cardi! Also, the green hued nails, jewelry, and eyeshadow add the perfect pop of color!  

Photo: Taylor Hill / Getty Images

So there you have it, our favorite gothic infused outfits from last night. Adding to the trends of this year; veils, capes, and TULLE! What were some of your favorite gothic inspired looks? Did you get serious goth vibes from the "Garden of Time" like we did?

Signed with love, from Montreal's number one Elvira impersonator,

Tristan Ginger

Header image via Taylor Hill / Getty Images

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