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We asked 5 Questions to Miss Emiwan!

We asked 5 Questions to Miss Emiwan!

miss emiwan inchoo bijoux taurus
Miss Emiwan is an amazing Montreal Illustrator! She specializes in Witchy Celestial and Sci-Fi Babes, her art is unbelievable! We have collabed with her often over the last years! You can see her art used for some editions of Witch Please as well as in some other projects! This month's collab features her incredible are mixed with our jewels!
inchoo bijoux miss emiwan
When did you start to draw and how did you become an illustrator? 
I remember my mom had a drawing I apparently did at 1 year old. It is supposed to look like a duck but trust me I’m still not THAT talented Ha ha! I always loved drawing as far as I remember and I worked very hard to become a freelancer. I started taking contracts in 2016 but my career really kicked in like 2 years ago.
What are the messages you want to express to the world with your art?
I want people to fall in love with magic just as I did. Believe in yourself and ask the Universe. Harm no one but take no shit!
What is your zodiac sign?
Drama Queen also known as Libra.
Do you have an hidden\ strange talent that people don't know about?
If being a Professional Stalker was a career, man I would be loaded. But I guess most girls would wouldn’t they? ( or any other gender really don’t lie to yourselves people! )
If you could be a witch/wizard seen on screen who would it be and why?
Probably Sally from the movie Practical Magic  (really just for the house in that movie I would be her) Or Willow when she goes Berserk in season 6 of Buffy!
What type of witch would you best identify with and why? 
I am very eclectic. I bounce between Green/Cottage witchcraft and I am definitely a Moon Witch.
In this scenario you are a ghost, name 5 objects your friends would have to put in a magic circle to be able to manifest your spirit.
Ok this is gonna be very geek and unwitchy ha ha. You will need the following : 1 bag of Jalapenos Cheetos, 1 bottle of Sriracha, 1 box of extra creamy KD, 1 bottle of Frangelico ( no one but me like that alcool) and 1 picture of my ultimate, mega ultra BABE - My forever PRINCE OF ALL SAYIAN, VEGETA. Ah..... screw it, just throw a dozen of bulldog puppies and I will die for a second time!
What if your favorite Inchoo Bijoux piece?
art deco celestial pearl ring
Do you have a personal project that you are working on right now? 
I maybe, might, be working in secret on an oracle deck... dunno who knows really ;) ask Inchoo bijoux for a jewelry collab with me :D
miss emiwan inchoo bijoux zodiac
We would love that!!!
Thanks so much for all the love and your amazing art!
Here are some more pieces from our March Zodiac Hands collab! You can find more on our Instagram!
Hand Model : Loulou La Duchesse du Riere
Jewelry : Inchoo Bijoux
Art : Miss Emiwan
Nails : Spacecase Lab
Photos: Marisa Parisella
Photoshoot Assistant : Eve & Goblin
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