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5 things to buy if you are obsessed with Death’s-Head Moths

December 10, 2020

5 things to buy if you are obsessed with Death’s-Head Moths

Ever since the movie ‘The Silence of the Lambs’ came out in 1991, the death’s-head hawk moth has a special place in the lives and hearts of people living for the dark aesthetic and horror movies fans. Last year a meme trend about moths had made this insect even more popular, resulting in hundreds of artists taking inspiration for their unique creations. I decided to show you ghouls some of my favourite handmade products inspired by this beautiful moth.

This list has been made with love of handcrafted artists and artisans, if you love moths and are interested in supporting these artists, please tell them you found them here! If the means are tight: likes, comments and share of your favourites artists can go a long way and are always appreciated! In this holiday season, more than ever, please continue to support local and small business owners! Let's fight the virus with art and holding hands!

Enough Bla Bla! Are you ready ? Here is a list of my top 5 Dead Head Moth handmade products!

laser cut deaths head moth window ornement stained glass

From California, USA.
This beautiful stained glass is so detailed, I simply can’t get my eyes off it. So just IMAGINE when the sun hits it! I really like that the artist offers it in a lot of different colours to adapt it our own decor.
ghould and glitter ouija board moth ornement
2- GhoulsNGlitters ‘s Ouija Wall Art
From Montreal, Canada.
I discovered this epoxy resin Artist from a friend of mine and since then I always keep an eye out on their amazing work! I love the fact that they often puts lights into their creations, so unique! Their de-moulding videos are fascinating and soooo satisfying to watch. She had a collection launch and a sale for the first virtual Witch Please market so stay tuned!
death head moth embroidery hand made inchoo bijoux
From Kiev, Ukraine.
I love the texture and colours they gave to this moth, it looks real! I also love the fact that they have more than 300 patterns of different patches to choose from so there is something for every taste.
deaths head moth wood engraving book of spells inchoo bijoux
From Homiel, Belarus.
This box made to keep your tarot deck safe melted my heart. I never thought about having this kind of protection for my deck but now that’s all I can think about. This artist also make custom boxes if you want something more specific.
deaths head moth pendant sterling silver inchoo bijoux
5-Inchoo Bijoux’s Dead Head Moth Pendant
From Montreal, Canada.
This moth was designed by yours truly, Inchoo Bijoux! We have created this cutie in Sterling Silver and Solid Gold as pendant or even earrings. If you close up in this image you can see that the moth also has moon phase on it, so lovely and detailed!!

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to try to keep your holiday gifts in small artisan and shops in these weird times.
Ève Lapierre

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