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Canada's Drag Race

Yes you read right! Omg we are so excited! 

Have you met Adriana The Bombshell!
Quebec's Colombian & Quebecoise Queen!
We have had the immense pleasure and honor to design iconic pieces for her through out this whole second season of Canada's Drag Race! We have created iconic looks that we can't wait to reveal to you!
Are you ready! We will update screenshots and jewels weekly! We are just as excited as you are!

Age: 29
Hometown: Quebec City
Quote:"Doing drag makes me feel that I can do anything! All my life, Istruggled to find something I was good at. Many times I thought I had notalent and no confidence to become the star that I have always wantedto be. Drag let me see how amazing I really am. Now, I constantlysurprise audiences and leave them asking for more every time."

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Adriana's Promo Look!

We designed these Cute but HUGE Fresh water Pearl earrings! They are in Sterling Silver!
You can find the Earrings here :