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The Crystal Formation

The Crystal FormationAstrid's Etsy & Shopify Mentorships for Small Handmade Businesses

Hi my name is Astrid Apissoghomian, I'm the Owner and Head Designer of Inchoo Bijoux. Over the last 14 years, I've built Inchoo from scratch and went through all the possible errors trying to sell my jewelry online, mostly through Etsy and Shopify.

Etsy is a very complex platform that can be a struggle for new creators as much as more established handcrafted brands. Over the years I've taken weeks of seminars with professionals from around the world, spent thousands on private Mentorships and classes, it wasn't easy, neither cheap! I've taken my knowledge and experience to put together the best tools and tips to make your sales rise & your business grow to it's full potential. We've grown from barely making 1k a month to an established
6figure business using all the information I'll share with you in this
class. Let's take your business to the next level!

Shopify is a very powerful platform that has lots of complexities and details. Let me
teach you how to open your shopify store, add products, build new pages and mostly how to make efficient SEO for it to grow! We applied the same knowledge and background from our experiences with etsy, to our shopify (with major tweaks!) and we've been making amazing consistent sales with both platforms since! Shopify is a game changer in the business world, I recommend on boarding the Shopify train as soon as you can!

I've given this class in Metier d'Art Schools, for Businesses that want to sell online and have been offering Mentoring for artists for over 5 years!

More about Inchoo Bijoux:
Inchoo Bijoux specializes in Gothic, Witchy and Alternative Jewelry made 100% from scratch for over 14 years! We can say that their clientele is very niche! Their creations have been worn and gifted at the Oscars and Golden Globes and have been seen in over 15Tv Shows and Netflix Productions. Inchoo can be seen in Pop Artist Video Clips, and worn be the biggest influencer names worldwide! In the last year, Inchoo has also been featured in Tatler Magazine and UK Vogue! In 2021, Inchoo Bijoux opened their Boutique in the heart of Montreal, the Boutique showcases the art of over 50 local artisans!

Classes Go Over :

What is Etsy/Shopify and Why you should use this Platform
Consumer Behaviour Psychology
Understanding your target market and all of what it entails
Social Medias and their algorithms ( Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Youtube, Tiktok and more)
Hardcore SEO and tools to nail them
How to build your Etsy/Shopify shop, why each word matters
How to make product listings that sell
Copy Writings and optimizing your listings for sales
What other platforms should you be looking into (Etsy VS Shopify VS Amazon Handmade, etc) and why

*We require that you already have visited the Etsy Seller platform and tried the Shopify platform out a bit, even if you haven't put anything online yet. Just to have an understanding of where the information we will be talking about can be found.

This course can be applied to any type of handcrafted business.
Whether it's nails, furniture, 3D models, Wood working, pottery, jewelry, illustrations, wedding industry, clothing, vintage sellers and more! The knowledge that comes from this class can be applied to any type of creative business and examples will be made for your creative type.

This course is given Bilingual, in English and French. All tools and Platforms will be shown in English, so we recommend having a good base of English to follow this class.

This Masterclass Includes a lifetime membership to our Private Facebook Group in which i
add new information regularly and give new tips and tricks along the way, as i discover new things. You can also ask me questions FOREVER

Etsy Date : January 9 2022 -  Class is a full 7 hours with a 30 minutes Break
Shopify Date : January 16th - Class is a full 7 hours with  a 30 minutes Break
Media : Course is given live at the Inchoo Boutique or  via Zoom, details will be given the evening before via email
Online Price : 200$

Astrid also offers 1-on-1 Mentorship for Etsy and/or Shopify,
with a First Day (6h) to go over your business and list all the work
and steps that have to be done. This includes a 3 x 1h Weekly Call/Video Call, over the course of 1 month, to go over your questions and see how you are doing and where you should be putting energy next.
Mentorships Start at 800$ + Additional Phone/Videos Calls at 100$/h

Individual Business Questions for Etsy and/or Shopify, 1-on-1 Appointements, 200$ for a 2h Phone/Video Call.

When booking, please send us a message including your creative specialization so we cater examples to your practice!