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Who is Inchoo

Every piece of Inchoo Bijoux is handcrafted in our Montreal
Studio. We use traditional and modern smiting techniques. Every piece
is unique, designed from the soul. We create intricate designed for
wicked hearts.

The Workshop Team

Our Workshop team is composed of 5 highly skilled jewellers! Most of them have went to Jewelry Schools here in Montreal. Others are self taught, learning as their passion for artisanal jewelry grew. The team has a wide range of skills that complement each other. Our workshop teams chemistry and team work create an amazing atmosphere and fun work environment, everyday!

The workshop team is :
Catherine Guindon
Caroline Leprohon
Isabelle Cadieux
Monica Vale
Nicola Inman

You can learn more about them in a dedicated blog post, where they talk about their favourite pieces to make and learn more about their own brands!

The Shop Team

The Boutique team takes care of your orders, packaging and shipping, customer service, social media management, content creation and taking care of all our wonderful clients that come visit us at the boutique!

The Boutique team is :

Catherine Guidon
Tristan Ginger
Marisa Parisella
Eve Lapierre
Fallya Royer

You can learn more about them in a dedicated blog post, where they talk about their favourite pieces to make and learn more about their own brands!

And Me

Hi! I'm Astrid Apissoghomian
Thanks so much for finding us!

With Inchoo, my goal is to create meaningful pieces of jewelry that will make you stand out. I want to highlight what makes you different, edgy, weird. Inchoo is more than jewelry, we create a home for the misfits. A safe and inclusif artistic space.

Our Team

We value handcrafted. We value the Arts of jewelry smiting. We honour traditional and modern techniques in every piece we create. Our dedication to our craft and keeping things handmade is what makes our jewelry last in time.

The Inchoo Team is fun, friendly and a bit crazy!
Come meet us in shop or chat with us! We are here for all your questions!

More About Inchoo Bijoux

Inchoo Bijoux is a Montreal based jewelry brand. The boutique is located near Atwater Market in the St-Henri sector of Montreal.

In 2018 & 2020, our jewelry has been gifted to the Nominated Celebrities and Press of the Oscars. We gifted over 200 pieces of our best-sellers. Our jewels have also been gifted to luxury gift bags at the 2019 Golden Globes.

Since 2018, Inchoo Bijoux has collaborated and created jewelry for over 15 Netflix productions. You can find more details about our featured jewelry in our As Seen In section.

More About Astrid

During her last 14 years of independent professional practice, Astrid learned many different techniques in the metallurgy field. Since 2014 she has specialized in Sterling Silver and Solid Gold jewelry, perfecting techniques learned from Quebec's Jeweller School and side classes. She has been mentored by different experts in Stone Setting and 3D Printing. She comes from a past of experimenting and specializing in other related techniques like feather work, recycled fur processing, etching (silver and copper), watch and clock repairing and pearl necklace mounting, to name a few. Unique and innovative, Inchoo Bijoux pieces emanate creativity and quality.

Astrid values traditional craft and creates safe spaces for creators that innovate out of the beaten path. She is the owner and creator of Witch Please MTL, a local artisan fair that specializes in witchy, alternative and goth styles. The Inchoo Bijoux Boutique is created with the same passion of reuniting all these artists in an inclusive space for eccentric art.

Astrid loves to uplift local artists, since a few years now, Astrid offers business mentoring and works with different local brands to assist them in their success.

I feel like everyone’s trying to make things simpler, and I like things that are intricate and detailed and fancy.