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Celebrating 13 Wicked Years!

Celebrating 13 Wicked Years!

13 Wicked Years!

Inchoo Bijoux is now 13 Years Old!
13 Years of Badass Statement Jewelry Designed and 100% Handcrafted from scratch in house! 13 Years of building a strong women led and operated business. 13 Years of Love and celebration of the weird and wicked!

Thanks so much for all your love and affection! Truly, none of this would be where we are now without your support in small businesses! Thanks for supporting handmade, traditional jewelry work over the so accessible fast fashion that is out there on the market, ready to gobble us up! Your choices and values have been the wind in our sails for these incredible 13 years!
My favourite part of a year recap is to look back to where we started, in 2018. Astrid was only 18years old and making jewelry for fun! I'm sure that to this day, she couldn't have predicted where Inchoo would be at now!

Yearly Recap Highlights!

2020 was a very hard and unpredictable year. Covid hit us hard and we learned to manage and surf a storm that we weren't ready for and couldn't have predicted. We are so proud of all the beauty that blossomed from chaos life threw at us.
  • Inchoo Bijoux opened a new Website on Shopify
  • Astrid & Catrinoire go on a crazy creative ride designing plenty of new collections. This year alone, they designed over 45 new Models!! They also released their Chains Collab (septum, lip ring, rings). + over 10 new designs carved from wax with Joelle!
  • August 2020 : Eve joins the team full time to assist Astrid and take over Socials!
  • August 2020 : Marisa & Goblin join the team to help out with packaging and monthly photoshoots!
  • October 2020 : Inchoo is now incorporated and is it's own entity!
  • Aug - Sept - Oct : Inchoo Bijoux is featured in Tatler Magazine
  • Oct - Nov - Dec : Inchoo Bijoux is featured in VOGUE Magazine
  • June 2020 : Inchoo Bijoux designs collections for Gwen Stefani, Christina Aiguilera, Demi Moore, Busy Philips, Dolly Parton & More!
2018 to 2021 Highlights!
  • Inchoo is on the Voice, on Francois Verreault in 2013
  • Inchoo is in Mademoiselle Aime le Style in 2013
  • Inchoo is sold at Mademoiselle Sefra in Quebec City in 2012 to 2014
  • Astrid goes to jewelry school and changes her whole jewelry approach in 2014
  • Inchoo designs jewelry with feathers and upcycled furs 2008 to 2016
  • Inchoo moves to Montreal and expands in 2016
  • Inchoo is gifted to the press at the 2018 Oscars
  • Inchoo is gifted to the press and celebrities of the 2019 Golden Globes
  • Inchoo is gifted to the press and celebrities of the 2020 Oscars
  • Inchoo is gifted to the costume departments of Jessica Jones, Ozark, Orville, Arrow, Grace and Frankie, Glow, and many more! 2018 to 2020 have been filled with amazing tv show collabs!
  • Inchoo is seen in Charmed season 1, Riverdale season 3 and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
  • Inchoo is seen on Kerli in her video clip Savages in 2019
  • Inchoo is seen in Snowpiercer in 2020-2021
  • Inchoo is in Tatler Magazine!
  • Inchoo is in UK VOGUE!
A bit of our last 13 years recap pictures!
inchoo bijoux 2008
2008. Inchoo was named Mawie et Tatide, and then switched to Frazou. Astrid was obsessed with cutie little bows and ribbons and would make these statement cute pieces. Entrepreneur as always, she would rent seller booth tables in Cegeps during lunch times to sell her art between classes.
inchoo bijoux old logo 2008
After being Mawie & Tatide, and then Frazou, Inchoo is born from Astrid's Armenian heritage, Bijoux from her French background. Inchoo means Why in Armenian, and Bijoux means Jewelry. In all Inchoo Bijoux means Why Jewelry! A question Astrid still can't answer. She often says that jewelry chose her! hahaha!
inchoo bijoux 2009
In 2009-2010, Astrid switched from her ribbons and bows to a completely different style. Astrid's love of textures brought her to upcycled furs and feathers. Yes that used to be Inchoo's logo for a time... hahah!
inchoo bijoux mademoiselle sefra
Selling at Mademoiselle Sefra was one of the most incredible experiences that defined Inchoo at an early age. Sefra's designed very bold and edgy jewelry in silver and obsedian. She opened a very glamourous shop in Quebec to sell her jewels along side with pieces from badass women designers from around the world. Names like nOir Jewelry, Nicolina Royal, MataHari, Skingraft and more! Selling at Mademoiselle Sefra really boosted Inchoo's love for goth and alternative aesthetics and gave us aspirations!
mademoiselle aime le style inchoo bijoux 2013
In 2013, Inchoo was lucky to be worn and featured on the cover of Mademoiselle Aime le Style, a Quebec online magazine. There was a full editorial included where the model Marilyne, wore over 10 different Inchoo Statement pieces!
inchoo bijoux francois verreault girrard 2013 la voix
in 2013, Inchoo was worn by Francois Verreault at La Voix (Quebec version of The Voice). Francois has been a fan of Inchoo from it's early beginnings and it was such an honour to see him on Tv, wearing our leather choker!
inchoo bijoux commandite burlestacular
 Around 2014, Astrid started being a part of Quebec City's Burlesque Troup and Inchoo Bijoux was one of their main sponsors for a long time! We had so much fun designing statement jewelry with lace and chains and huge feathers for shows! Inchoo sponsored almost every Burlestacular show since their debut! Since then, Inchoo Bijoux has sponsored many burlesque events, fashion shows, erotic events and more!
It's always nice to look back at all the work that has been done from that time that got us to now! Tonight we raise our glass to another year of wicked jewelry, with the most amazing team, and YOU!
Thanks so much for your support and love!
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