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Gift Ideas for your Valentine Babe!

Gift Ideas for your Valentine Babe!

Top 10 gift ideas for Valentine’s Day
For your Witch & Goth GF

Making a Valentine’s Day gift to your partner can sometimes be very tricky, especially when your significant other isn’t crazy with the traditional V-Day stuff like flowers and chocolates. But don’t worry because we are here to help you find THE perfect gift! 

1-Inchoo Bijoux’s Sacred Heart Stud Earrings
silver heart earrings, valentines gift, inchoo bijoux
Let’s start with something everybody easily associates with Valentine’s Day...Heart shaped jewelry! The Sacred Heart collection by Inchoo Bijoux was inspired by Gwen Stefani's Dolce & Gabanna Dress wore at her show with Blake Shelton during the Grammy awards in 2020. What I really like about these earrings is that while being a traditional Valentine day gift, they also have very detailed aspects to them. They also upgrade pretty much every look. I would love to receive these on any day! 

2-Unicorn Manor’s ‘The Lovers’ crystal candles
unicorns manor crystal candles, inchoo bijoux valentines ideas
‘The Lovers’ is a collector edition of only 50 candles. They are hand poured in pink glassware keepsake. These candles are inspired by the Goddess of love Aphrodite and the major arcana Tarot card ‘The Lovers’. The crystals used in these candles are Rose Quartz and Morganite. The creator explained the use of these two crystals by saying: 
‘’As Rose Quartz is the greatest energizer of personal love and self love, Morganite is attuned most clearly to the frequency of Divine Love and Compassion. Morganite opens the heart on another level, making us aware of the huge ocean of cosmic love within which we all exist. Morganite is recommended to all those who wish to do serious inner work and emotional self healing. ‘’

3-Ma Sorcière Potière's New Moon Mugs
ma sorciere potiere new moon mugs inchoo bijoux, valentines gift
Give your soulmate something practical that they’ll use everyday. Like this beautiful handmade mug that will make them think about you every morning while drinking their coffee! To add, you’ll be encouraging a small shop, what’s better?! 

4-Inchoo Bijoux’s ‘I love you’ pendant
I love you pendant ASL, american sign language, inchoo bijoux, valentines gift
You wanted to stay in the Valentine’s Day theme without being too traditional? This pendant is perfect for you! This hand gesture symbolizes "I Love You" in American Sign Language. Do you know what's even better? 10% of all sales associated with this new collection go directly to L-Expression, a Montreal sign language association for deaf youth art and sign poetry!
5-Sabnock Store’s baphomet plushies 
sabnock stores baphomet plushies, valentines gift, inchoo bijoux
Another V-Day gift I saw often while growing up was plushies so I really wanted to put at least one in my list! While looking for the perfect stuffed animal, I saw that pink baphomet cutie and I knew he was the one. This is a perfect gift if your partner is a cute goth obsessed with pink, we guarantee it! 
6-WitchWood’s Heart Pillows 
witchwood heart pillows, valentines gift, inchoo bijoux
Made of soft vegan velvet, these conversation heart pillows are exactly the kind of gift you were looking for! They come in 11 different designs to please all the goth and alternative people out there and at 14$ they are a very affordable option for anyone. They are a limited edition so be fast! 
7-Em&Sprout ‘s Pink Halloween Slippers
em&sprout pink halloween slippers, valentines gift, inchoo bijoux
To describe them, the creators of these slippers wrote : 
‘’Celebrate Halloween all year round and in total comfort with these super adorable, slightly spooky pumpkin house slippers designed by yours truly! They're made with the fluffiest faux fur and come in candy pink! The soles are black to match and made of thick rubber, suitable for indoor or outdoor use!"
I couldn't have said it better!

8-Inchoo Bijoux’s Red Coffin Ring
red garnet coffin engagement ring, inchoo bijoux, valentines gift
Show your partner how much they mean for you by giving them this gorgeous Red Coffin Ring. The design of this gorgeous blood colored ring will let you live your vampire fantasy to the fullest! This handmade ring is perfect for engagement or simply reminds your special someone that you love them.  Instagram
9-Ghoulbabe ‘s Graveyard Sweatshirt 
ghoulbabe graveyard sweatshirt, valentines gift, inchoo bijoux
I have absolutely no other word than A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E to describe this sweatshirt! This was made for pastel goths and kawaii witches and it looks SO comfy! With the cold temperatures this winter this is a perfect gift to make to yourself or others. 
10-Black Thorn ‘s Bra Top 
black thorn bra top, valentines gift, inchoo bijoux
Even though I'm a big fan of the color black I didn’t show it a lot in this list so i’ll finish with this cute black bra top with ghosts hugging each other. This top is perfect for a lazy day home in pyjamas, to go to the gym or out with friends! The top is available from S to 3X on their website and they also have cute lingerie so go have a look! 
Thank you for reading this article. Let us know if it helped you and have fun discovering the other posts on our blog! Love you.
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