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Inchoo Bijoux in Tatler November 2020 - Cover Meghan Duchess of Sussex

October 13, 2020

meghan duchess of sussex tatler cover november 2020

This is a 3rd appearance in Tatler Magazine!
This months feature is the same as the previous, Tatler decided to showcase once again our 14K Rose Gold Skull Eternity Unisex Ring! You can see it at page 131 of Novembers Edition, Featuring Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex. Tatler Magazine is printed over 158 000 times per edition and distributed worldwide! This opportunity is an incredible honour and we can't be more proud!

tatler magazine november 2020 meghan duchess of sussex inchoo bijoux

TATLER selected our 14K Rose Gold Skull Eternity Ring to be featured in this November 2020 Print, just in time for Halloween! This ring was designed in house 2 years ago and has been one of our best sellers for all Genders. It used to only be available in Sterling Silver, but we are very happy to be able to offer this stunning piece in Massive Gold options now! It is also possible to set gemstones in the skulls eyes, like black diamonds or rubies if your heart desires (Custom Order)! Find this version of the ring in our workshop here!
14k rose gold skull eternity ring for her, for him, unisex, tatler magazine november 2020 meghan duchess of sussex

TATLER is a high society bible of fashion and celebrity gossip! TATLER is Britain’s oldest running magazine (first in 1709!) The magazine has a history of glamorous fashion selections. This magazine has been a must read packed with the latest must haves connecting with a captive audience of amazing tastes!

 We can't begin to thank you all so much for your support through the years! Just thinking of all these people that will be browsing the magazine for treasures leaves us speechless!

This October issue features Meghan the Duchess of Sussex. This edition feature an interview where they discuss how the year has been for her since her Meg-xit from the royal family.

We are touched and honoured to be featured next to :

Issi Bulloch
Slate Jewelry
Neo Relique Fine Jewelry

Inchoo Bijoux's Product Photography for this issue has been taken by Marisa Parisella

We are so grateful for all these amazing opportunities! This is such a big deal for little brands of handmade jewelry like ours!

Astrid and the Inchoo Bijoux Team

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10 Local Spooky Illustrators to Support for October!

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Inchoo Bijoux in British Vogue - November 2020 - Serena Williams Cover

October 13, 2020

 OMG This is a season that just keeps on giving! We are so thrilled to announce that we have been featured in Vogues Jewellery Designer Profile of November 2020!

Yes you heard right! We've been featured in Vogue once again! This edition features a lovely Minimalist cover showcasing Serena Williams! The one and only fierce queen of Tennis! This is so amazing!

Vogue is such a fashion reference for people around the world! It's truly and amazing opportunity. Vogue publishes over 1.3 Million copies per issue! These magazines travel the world!

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We asked 5 questions to Tristan Ginger - Montreal Burlesque Artist - Inchoo Bijoux
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Tristan's burlesque acts are recognizable by their confidence, their jaw dropping costumes and reveals but mostly for their languorous sensual movements and dramatic dirty stares.
We are thrilled to have Tristan represent our Month of October! We are so happy they agreed to pose in our jewelry, and to show a different more pastel goth cute-sy side.
To see more of this shoot, visit our Instagram page all October!

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