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Nurse Swag Bags

Nurse Swag Bags

During these hard times, it's important to acknowledge and support the work of our front line workers. During Nurses Week and during this pandemic Inchoo Bijoux, in collaboration with The Artisan Group, have put together Swag Bags to Nurse Teams across the United States. What better way to give back a little and thank the hard working nurses and medical field. what better way to thank the hard working nurses on the front line then with a little swag? The Artisan Group put together beautiful bags filled with goodies made from local and international artisans. Inchoo Bijoux is very proud to have it's Celestial Hoop Pendants and Celestial Hoop Earrings in some of these bags. We hope these little surprise bundles bring hope and joy to the nurses on this week celebrating their hard work.

You can see some of the feedback we received from some nurses!

If you are a part of the Front Line Workers during these trying times, please send us a message to receive a discount on our jewelry. (Offer valid until August 1rst 2020).


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