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Stormi Maya - The Interview!

January 14, 2021

Stormi Maya - The Interview!

Interview with STORMI MAYA

Last August, we had the privilege to meet the wonderful Afro Queen from NYC Stormi Maya and what a gem we discovered! She can sing, dance, act, direct movies…nothing can to stop her.

It was a real pleasure to have share her company in these weird times, and get to know more about the person behind the career. We are sure you will be under her spell after reading this interview and seeing the amazing editorial she shot with us!

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I understood you were in Montreal to shoot your movie ‘SHARK’, so what is the movie Shark about and why did you choose this name?

I’ve been filming SHARK since the end of 2018 and it’s a hip hop featured film, it has some aspects of comedy and drama as well. In the past I’ve directed and produced some short films but this is my first featured length film. I’ve came up with the name Sharks because of the sharkiness of the music industry, there is so much temptation and you can easily prey within that industry so that’s why I called it shark. We just finished about a week ago so, yayyyyy excited!

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Why choose the city of Montreal in your movie?

So I filmed the movie in different places. The movie is predominantly filmed in NYC and Miami but I decided to film the other half of the movie here in Montreal because I was here during the quarantine. Also there is a huge hip hop scene here that is unnoticed, there is a lot of upcoming rappers and singers. I taught I would be kind of cool to show that realness because you don’t normally see and incorporate it with the NYC and Miami scene. We also have an artist from Virginia, so we have that southern rap, we have that NY rap so I tough ‘Hey Montreal would be kinda cool you know, representing the WHOLE east coast you know what I’m saying’. Once I came here and I realized how much people were into hip hop and how many people were talented I was like ‘Yeah let’s put that in the movie!’. Like no one else has really put attention to that, so its great. One of the character in the movie, his name is Poutine and he’s a rapper. He’s actually from out here, I just changed his rap name to Poutine, his real name is not Poutine. But I used him to make Quebec like crazy interesting. I have the Quebec flag being thrown, I was like ‘Let me try to put this on the map!’.

What inspired you for your song ‘BLACK MAN MAGIC’?

I made that song when I was living in Atlanta. I felt that one thing was missing. If you are part of the black community, you know that currently there is like a “civil war” going on with black men versus black women. Now a lot of black women feel like black men are not supporting them or wanting to date them. But they are a lot of good black men that are supportive of black women and I wanted to show attention and love to those men and not to all these celebrities that are getting the attention who are saying things like ‘ I dont wanna date black chicks because they are ghetto.’. You have all these black celebrities’ guys who are getting attention for saying these negative black women things but there are so many positive black men that don’t get attention or love. So I wanted to give them a song, give them an anthem. Currently with the police brutality and all that racism going on in the states and worldwide I wanted something that would also uplift black men during that times as well. There is not a lot of charities that are black men focused specially in the states, there is like none. There’s not a lot of song that are uplifting black men either. In general, they are a big group that are kind of constantly down so I wanted to make an anthem that sounded positive so heyyyy. Why not.

If you could make a song with any artist in  the industry, who would it be ?

BEYONCE HELLOOO,  BEYONCÉ ARE YOU CRAZY? Beyoncé or Rihanna definitely. Female rappers Cardi B of course, Megan Thee Stalion. When it comes to my idols tho my idols are Lady Orages. The old school Queen like Latifa… those are my idols.

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What is your zodiac sigh ?

Im a Gemini

If you could be a witch seen on screen, who would it be and why?

I would be Sabrina the teenage witch with that cute ass little black cat with the cool aunts and stuff! I would be Sabrina, that seems kinda fun. And it was not scary so yeah it would be Sabrina.

Do you have a tagline to represent you?

My tag line is ‘I am the PIMP’. I have a song called ‘Don’t pitty the PIMP’ and it’s about people feeling bad for sex workers and shit and I’m like ‘ I AM THE PIMP, I AM THE ONE SELLING IT DONT BE FEELING BAD FOR ME, I SELL IT ON PURPOSE, ITS NOT OPRESSION! ‘. So yeah, don’t pitty the PIMP !

What is your favorite Inchoo Product ?

I like the Bar Lip Ring a lot!

Stormi Maya Socials :
Black Man Magic Merch

To see all the photographies that the fantastic Marisa Parisella took of Stormi Maya, be sure to go see our Instagram profile for all the month of January!

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