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We asked 5 questions to Jay!

September 11, 2020

We asked 5 questions to Jay!

Have you met Jay ?
Jay has a smile that melts Montreal's heart! He loves to strike a pose and get playful with make up, artistery and nails! Inchoo Bijoux was lucky to participate in a photoshoot with him shot by Julie W Photopgraphy in 2018! We dug up those wonderful shots with Julz lately and selected a bunch to make Jay our wonderful September Inchoo Babe!
Here are a few questions we asked him in a short interview!

jay montreal sweetheart september inchoo bijoux julz photography

1. What was your dream job as a kid? Is it different than what you do now ?
So I'm actually doing a project at the moment, I am creating my own company for nails, starting off easy with powder and resin, then I'll be adding more features. What i wanted to do as a kid( and working towards that right now) is being a Bus Driver, which is very different from working in mutual funds, which is what i do now.

2. Do you have a tag line to present you ?
My tag line is: I'm the best water sign you'll ever meet, anything you heard about Cancers, is undeniably true! My zodiac is Cancer, which is ruled bu the moon! (Don't tell anyone, but in my opinion, we are not that emotional).

3. On your Instagram, you talk a lot about body positivity, when did you start being more activist?
All my life, i was ashamed of being the "bigger kid". When i came out of the closet as gay, i saw that there was a whole world out there for bigger men, and people like that, i met amazing people (Maxime, more than anyone) that made me see that i am beautiful how i am, so for 2 years now, I've been saying that all the Thicc and juicies in the world will take over! Loving yourself, inside and out, is the best gift you can give yourself!

4. What is your favourite Inchoo Bijoux piece ?
I adore the minimal chain septum and also the studded cross stiletto nail ring! Those 2 pieces are absolutely gorgeous!

5. Who are your favourite Drag queens & Local Queens ?
I absolutely love RuPaul's Drag Race, huge fan, and I've seen everything, from regular seasons, to All Stars, to Celebrity Drag Race! My 3 Favourite queens have to be :
1 - Alaska
2- Shea Coulé
3- Bianca Del Rio
Special mention to : Jujubee and Raven because they are goddesses!

I'm very very proud to say that I'm loving Rita Baga, and she is killlllllling it in Canada's Drag Race! She deserves that crown, and i can't wait to celebrate her victory this year!

Bonus Question! : Name 5 items that people have to gather to summon your spirit.
I absolutely adore this question! My friends would have to summon me with : an iced cappuccino from Tim Hortons, a Polaroid camera, high fashion sunglasses, chicken wings and to top it off, a Friends DVD (season 6 preferably!).

jay montreal inchoo bijoux jewelry septum bird skull pendant, julz photography

You can find Jay on Instagram
You can find his new Nails Project Here : Lanky Beauty
You can find out more about Jay and this Photoshoot in our September Features on Instagram and Facebook!

Thanks so much Jay!
And thank you all for reading!
Ève Lapierre

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