Montreal Jewelry, Jeweler Workshop Space Rental
Rent a Space in our WorkShop

Inchoo  Bijoux’s Workshop is located near Metro Joliette in the Hochelaga  neighborhood of Montreal. It is possible to rent spaces to work there as  a jeweller. The space rents go for a day to monthly leases. ​

The  workshop is fully equipped to answer all types of jewellers. It is  fully equipped for molding and casting, wax carving, polishing, bench  work, soldering, 3d modelization, metalsmithing, working with wood or plastics, silver and copper etching and so much more. It is also  equipped with a stretching bench, a Rolling Mill and a Tumblr. 

There is a  kitchen area, a bathroom, a desk with a laser printer and a photography  studio with a 41 megapixel camera and a reflex camera that can be borrowed at any time.