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8 Witchy Tips for the Busy Modern Witch

8 Witchy Tips for the Busy Modern Witch

8 Tips for the Busy Modern Witch

With our over busy lives, practising magic can be tricky. I always keep telling myself that tomorrow I WILL do that ritual with all the pretty ingredients and perfect settings but the truth is, I won’t. So here are 8 tips and advice I think all busy witches should know. 

1-Dollar Store and even birthday cake candles are FINE.

You may have heard in your life that you can’t use Dollar Store candles for your spells and this is NOT true. Magic is about intent, not about a perfect aesthetic and spending all your money. If you need to do a ritual or a spell and you only have the rest of your birthday cake candles? Who cares? Take them and use them in your ritual. You don’t have that much money lately but you want to practice? Go to your nearest Dollar store and get these cheap candles!! Just stay focused on yourself and your intentions.   

2-Write your desires, wishes and intention on Bay leaves and burn them at the beginning of each month. 

Bay leaves are known to be useful for manifestation, prosperity, protection, cleansing and even more. It’s one of my favourite herbs because it is easily accessible (You can literally find them in ANY grocery store.), it is easy to grow and has many magical uses. So at the beginning of each month I write what I want to manifest in my life on a bay leaf and I then burn it while thinking hard about what I want to manifest.

3- Write either Sigils or a positive intent on a piece of paper and put it inside of your hair brush.

It’s a simple thing but so thoughtful! By blessing your hairbrush and putting these symbols and/or intentions inside of it, you got yourself a ritual to bless you each morning without any effort. And voilà. 

4-Use moon water EVERYWHERE.

When we say everywhere we mean it. Use it to water your plants, use it to wash your face in the morning, use it to wash your windows, make ice cubes for your drinks with it, put it in your favourite other words, have fun and be creative!! Just don’t forget to put an intent in everything you do. 

But how do I make Moon water??
At the beginning of each month, look up when the full Moons are and mark them in your telephone calendar with an alarm that will go off just before your bedtime and another alarm early in in the morning the day after. When the alarm goes off at night, bring your water out where the moonlight can touch it and leave it there until your second alarm rings in the morning. Store it in a dark place where the sunlight can’t touch it. You don’t necessarily have to wait until the full moon to make this special water but its powers are way more powerful during the full moon . 

5- Rose quartz is a good alternative for any missing crystal. 

Some people prefer to make spells using exactly the ingredients word for word and it’s okay but in our opinion, it’s not essential. You don’t have one very specific and expensive crystal for your ritual? Don’t overthink this too much and just replace it by a rose quartz and you will be putting more love intentions into your spell! 


It’s not so much of advice, more of a reminder but ALWAYS COVER YOUR CRYSTAL BALL. Not because bad energies will get trapped inside but because if the sun hits it weird It WILL burn your house. So yeah, be careful and cover it.

7-Grind Selenite and add it to your paint

I recently learned that you can grind Selenite and add it to a lot of different things. You can mix it with things like paint and fabric ink to change the visual effect and properties of your creations. Selenite is known to be a stone helping to calm people down, clear their mind and that helps you meditate. Just be careful while grinding it because you can easily breathe the dust while working on it, so wear a mask to cover your mouth and nose while doing it. 

8-Don’t forget that with intent, anything can be magical. 

For me as an example, I used to hate cleaning my room and it was such an exhausting chore. When I started to see the time I was cleaning my space as an opportunity to do a cleansing ritual, everything changed. I usually put my ritual music on, light a stick of incense and take a deep breath and then I start. While I’m doing this ritual I repeat my personal mantra in my head, try to have positive thoughts and concentrate on the bad energy leaving my personal space. You can really adopt this method to practically every chores you have to do and transform them into magical moments. Maybe you won't see it as such a draining chore anymore! 

If you liked the advice we gave in this article don’t hesitate to share it and share your feedback!

Ève Lapierre
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