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Tv Show & Movie Placements

We still can't believe all these incredible opportunities. Since 2017, we've been blessed to be able to work with these incredible Tv Shows and Movies. Working with costume departments of these productions was an amazing experience.

We love collaboration with Movie, productions and Tv Shows, if you need our pieces or anything custom for sets, please contact us, it's always a pleasure!

Other Tv Shows our Jewelry has been featured in


Glow S3

I was so glad when we got the opportunity to gift our jewels to Glow! We love the show so much!

Grace & Frankie

Grace and Frankie S5

Pretty Little Liars - The Perfectionists


Altered Carbon

Altered Carbon S2

We love science-fiction! It was really fun to create jewels for this amazing universe! We haven't got the time to watch it yet! Have you seen our jewels?.


Batwoman S1


Arrow S7 & S8

We totally geeked out when we got the opportunity to gift our jewels to the show!

Good Witch

Good Witch S5

A Halmark classic! We were excited to gift jewels to the show! Can you help us spot them !


Ozark S2 & 3

We adored Charlotte Byrde and wanted to create a nice iconic piece for her to wear during the show! We haven't gotten to see the season yes and see if it was worn somewhere! Helps us out!

Another Life

Another Life S1

We waited a long time to see this one pop up on Netflix! The Story seems amazing and we are really happy to have sent them a few pieces!

The Orville

The Orville S2

The first TV show gifting opportunity that we've had! We were so nervous! We sent out a single Jewel. It was our Celestial Hoop Earrings that I had just designed for the show. We made them black plated to look ore like a unearthy metal.

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones S3

When we got the opportunity to gift to this show, we were thrilled! At the time we made the jewels, only the first season was out, and we were so impressed by the force and character of this Super Hero!