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Top 10 Feminist Finds in the Inchoo Store

Top 10 Feminist Finds in the Inchoo Store

Top 10 Feminist Finds in the Inchoo Store

This week’s post is dedicated to 10 badass and feminist finds you can find at our Inchoo Bijoux in-store boutique located in Montreal, Canada. We want to empower and celebrate feminism in our community and share with you the incredible talent and art by showing you these 10 original pieces.
Links to each artist and their selected items will be provided below.


1- This TASSEOGRAPHY candle by Manticore handmade 

100% coconut and soy wax handmade scented candle. You will want to burn this candle for hours! Its subtle scent of green tea, white pear and honey will warm your heart during long nights of the upcoming winter.

Manticore Handmade Instagram


 2- These vegan and magical soaps by White Witch cottage

If you like the witchy aesthetic as much as we do you will fall in love with these handmade soaps. With natural ingredients such as, olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter and essential oils, you can’t go wrong. You also have the choice of your favorite witchy tool to adorn your soap. We chose the Crystals and the Ouija planchette soaps. Witch* one will be yours?

White Witch Cottage Instagram



3- Screen printed patches by A Banshee in the Attic 

If you’re a fan of patches to put on your favorite denim jacket we have exactly what you need. A Banshee in the Attic offers you several different gorgeous yet wicked screen printed patches for the demon lover in you. The Witch square patch is a total feminist piece of art in itself. A female demon babe is having a dance macabre with her skull soulmate. We say HELL yes to that!

A Banshee In The Attic Instagram


4- The Forest Lady enamel pin by missemiwan. 

Are you a pins collector? If yes, fall in love with this rose gold Forest Lady pin. Whimsical and feminine, this lady of the forest pin also gives some strong Midsomar vibes! This cute rose gold hard enamel pin will surely become one of your top 5. Embrasse the fairy goddess in you!

Missemiwan Instagram


5- Feminist quotes button by Tricia Robinson

Do you want to yell out loud that you are no one’s babe? Or maybe you wish to tell your boss that you are not his personal secretary? Tricia Robinson has the perfect button bundle for you! You can wear these silver tongue buttons and tell the world that you owe them nothing!

Tricia Robinson Instagram


6- Feminist Witch button by Which is Witch.

What more do we need to say here? A black button with pink FEMINIST WITCH written on it. I mean if this doesn’t convince you, we don’t know what else will!

Which is Witch Instagram


7-Celestial Seer and Star Child stickers by Fable Creative

If you’re into bullet journal or dream diaries, why don’t you decorate your journal with Fable Creative beautiful stickers! We chose to show you two of their collection but really they all are STUNNING. Here’s our pick, the Celestial Seer and the holographic Star Child.

Fable Creative Instagram


***We can`t write a blog about feminism without showcasing pieces from Inchoo Bijoux because well, we breathe feminism! Here's our top 3 carefully chosen by missemiwan***



8- 10k Gold and Silver Moon Phase Wedding Band

It is the Perfect Moon Phase Wedding Band! Made in Sterling Silver with Massive 10k Gold triple moons on it! Whether you want to buy it as a gift for yourself or your significant other, this Lunar ring will definitely steal the attention from any other jewelry!



9- Silver Palmistry Pendant

This silver Palmistry pendant will be the perfect witchy touch for your everyday dark babe outfit. Its delicate engraved palmistry symbol makes it the jewel you will love if you are a clairvoyance or fortune telling fan.


10-  Mother Vulva Virgin Mary pendant

Last one but clearly not the least, the Mother Vulva Virgin Mary pendant. This absolute beauty is definitely one of our favorite jewels when it comes to feminism. You can choose to see the secret labias or pretend it is just Mary’s robe. You decide, our lips will be sealed!


If you are interested by these items and want to pass by our boutique to say hi, we have more artists and feminist items waiting for you!


Don't forget to tag us if you take pictures of you and your finds so we can share them on our socials!


-The Wicked Team at Inchoo Bijoux







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