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We asked 5 Questions to Natasha Nebula!

We asked 5 Questions to Natasha Nebula!

We asked 5 Questions to Natasha Nebula!

Natasha Nebula is one of Montreal most famous Stage performers! Natasha always has new ways to wow the crowd and take us on a journey through art, dance, performance, BDSM, pain and pleasure. Natasha is known for their very eccentric and vibrant style! We are very pleased to present them through a softer pastel goth and almost angelic facet! Natasha is representing our Month of August, here at Inchoo Bijoux! You can see the whole set and more pics on our social medias!

We took the opportunity to ask them some of the questions we always wanted to know about the Intergalactic Cosmic Space Hooker. Here are their answers.

1.What’s your favourite act to perform and why?

My favourite acts are any of my more hardcore concepts that are pain oriented or feature a Flesh Hook Suspension. The stage is a place where I can explore my deepest self and expose her. I can become the master and the submissive in one act, fully embodied within one human shell. The stories told under these extreme pain circumstances are always genuine, unique and fresh, even if I've performed them a hundred times, the pain makes it new again and allows me to experience and focus on myself, while a room watches.

natasha nebula Inchoo Bijoux August marisa parisella skull choker silver jewelry gothic pastel goth
Wearing our Skull Choker and Confess your Sins Hoops
2. Whats is your astrological sign?
I'm an Aquarius, Aries rising.

3. What is your idea of the perfect date?
The perfect date is going to a book shop and exploring the occult and graphic novel sections, choosing books and discussing why we chose them or what attracted us to choose them and in the process learn about each other. After exploring the book shop we'd go for ice cream and geek out about sci fi and theories about space.

 natasha nebula, inchoo bijoux, palmistry hand pendant, hand jewelry, heavy chain, chain choker, key pendant, silver gothic jewelry
Wearing our Devils Key Pendant, Skull Key Pendant, Palmistry Hand Pendant and various Chains Stacked.
4. If you had a familiar, what kind of animal would it be and why?
My familiar is a serpent. A boa constrictor to be exact. I have 4 snake companions and am very connected to them. I have instincts with them that I don't have with other animals. Snakes fascinate me and I am drawn to nurture and protect them.

 natasha nebula, inchoo bijoux, 14k rose gold bird skull septum, bird septum, gold septum, rose gold nose ring
Wearing our Bird Skull Septum Ring in 14K Rose Gold

5. And to finish , what’s your favourite Inchoo Bijoux piece?
The solid silver skull choker and matching skull drop earrings are my favourites. I own the set and wear them pretty much with everything. The choker feels like I collared myself and I love that feeling.

You’ll be able to see Natasha for all august on our instagram!
Natasha Nebula
Production Serpent Noir

All our Photoshoot Pictures are taken by Montreals best Boudoir Photographer : Marisa Parisella!

Eve Lapierre
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