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We asked 5 questions to Tristan Ginger - Montreal Burlesque Artist - Inchoo Bijoux

We asked 5 questions to Tristan Ginger

We Interviewed Tristan Ginger!

Tristan is one of the most iconic Montreal Artists there is! Tristan is known internationally for their burlesque and artistic performances, their Vogue worthy modelling and vibrant content. Tristan is a spell you must be under. Their wicked humour and talent will have you begging for more Every Single Day.
Tristan's burlesque acts are recognizable by their confidence, their jaw dropping costumes and reveals but mostly for their languorous sensual movements and dramatic dirty stares.

We are thrilled to have Tristan represent our Month of October! We are so happy they agreed to pose in our jewelry, and to show a different more pastel goth cute-sy side.

To see more of this shoot, visit our Instagram page all October!

 Tristan Ginger - Inchoo Bijoux - October 2020
Tristan is wearing our Bad Witch Spinning Pendant, Our Solid Chain Septum and Chain Lip Cuff

We took the opportunity to ask them some of the questions, some things we  always wanted to know about the Original Burning Bush. Here are their answers.

1. If you could be a witch/wizard seen on screen (movies,tv,etc.), who would it be and why?
Either Susan Surandon or Cher from The Witches of Eastwick, though I do have a soft spot for Sarah Jessica Parker in Hocus Pocus. I would love to ride a broomstick, tits out.

tristan ginger inchoo bijoux
Laying down in dozens of Cookies made by Joelle and Maude
Wearing our Spider Claw, Bad Witch Pendant and Sacred Septum

2. Do you have an hidden\ strange talent that people don't know about?
I used to raise rabbits, for pets and shows, and used to be a judge for rabbit shows in the maritime (think Best In Show, but for rabbits).

3. What is your idea of the perfect full moon selfcare ritual?
Bath, face mask, perfume, wine, and a gothic playlist. Oh, and aged cheddar cheese.

4. In this scenario you are a ghost, name 5 objects your friends would have to put in a magic casting circle to be able to manifest your spirit.
Oh! Tough one! Rhinestones. Cheese. Botox. A pair of stilettos. And some good moisturizer.

5. What if your favourite Inchoo Bijoux piece(s)?
Oh! This is a tough one! I love my spiderweb septum, but also love my Statement Septum (the one with all the Clear Gemstones). It just completes a look 110%.
 inchoo bijoux joint holder ring, cigarette holder, blunt holder ring tristan ginger
Showcasing our Massive 10K Gold Claw, our Third Eye Protection Ring and Cigarette Holder Ring

We would like to congratulate Tristan for their new adventures in the music world! Tristan has been working for months with the fantastic producer Artsy Thinner to create a mix of weird, experimental, witchy dance tracks! They just finished filming their first music video for their track ‘’The Supreme’’. You can visit their social medias to have more details on the release!

To find Tristan Ginger :

Cover Picture wearing our Spider Web Septum, Glam Claw and Amethyst Spider Pendant
Photoshoot by Marisa Parisella
Bat Wings by : Miss Bourguignon

Thanks for reading and thanks so much to Tristan for sharing this time with us!
Ève Lapierre
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