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Bracelet Sizing

Bracelet / Bangle Sizing Chart

It's truly hard to figure out your bracelet and bangle size without trying them on. At Inchoo, we have 5 standard Sizes, that fit most. As all our jewels are handcrafted, its always possible to make a custom sizing for you. Please feel comfortable to message us to request a custom size made for you. We tried our best to give you a few details to be able to get the right fit for you.

Wrists : 5,4inches around
Joints: 4 inches wide
Measure 5ft, small figure, tiny hands and wrists : I usually wear between 5,7cm wide or 6cm. Sizes that are bigger tend to fall off my wrists.

Wrists : 6,2 inches around
Joints: 4 inches wide
Measures 5ft10, average hands and wrists : Audrey usually wears 6cm, 6,5cm. 7cm fit her very loosely and it could come off with little effort.