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Our Top 10 Gothic Looks From Drag Race

Our Top 10 Gothic Looks From Drag Race

Here are our 10 standout looks from Rupaul's Drag Race that have captivated fans with their dark and dramatic flair!

1. A'Keria C. Davenport

"Oh My Goth" Runway, All Stars Season 6, Episode 6.

A'keria looked stunning in this gothic glam outfit (her runways this whole season were top tier). A giant crucifix and sharp edges? Hell, yes! Very Queen of The Damned! Hard to believe this queen got eliminated looking this glamourous, but she's not the only one on this list! 

(Photo credit: Paramount+)

2. Morphine Dion Love

"See You Next Wednesday" Drag Race Season 16, Episode 9

Ok, so this might be a unique entry on our list because it's not the outfit that stands out but rather the MAKEUP! This is such a good mug and should have had top placement for the makeup skills alone. Honestly, this face needs to be studied! Sometimes what can make a top tier gothic look is the makeup itself.

(Photo Credit: @morphinelovemua Instagram)

3. Utica

*no official runway theme* Drag Race Season 13, Episode 12

Ok, I remember gasping when Utica came out wearing this outfit. Her Beast Couture Look is the epidemy of gothic- the horns, the trailing black gown, the flicker of flames detailing in the dress- It's almost like a queer goth spin on Beauty and The Beast. Both characters meshed together. And like A'Keria, if you're going to be eliminated, make sure it's in one of your best gothic looks! 

(Photo credit: @queenutica Instagram)

4. Raja

"All Glowed Up" All Stars Season 7, Episode 10

Raja is THE fashion queen out of all the franchises (I will defend that opinion to the end) and with this look she is giving us another category of Goth: The Cybergoth! This Swarovski covered black dress was outfitted with red lasers, the full effect which would best be seen on stage in a smokey/ hazey nightclub. This look was a light show all of it's own! See more about this costume design on 

(Photo credit: Nightlight Labs)

5. Detox

"Best Drag" Drag Race Season 5, Episode 2

Sometimes the earlier seasons were simpler in terms of fashion and runway looks, before contestants needed to take out mortgages or spend thousands of dollars on a look. Detox stunned in what would now be considered a common black dress, but I would argue that every goth queen needs one black leather dress in their closet. And the back of the dress is where the party is at, bringing this look over to the goth fetish side . Classic, simple, and sexy! 

(Photo credit: Logo TV)

6. Angeria Paris VanMichaels

"Widow, Weep For Me" All Stars Season 9, Episode 7

Is that an urn on top of your head, or are you just happy to see me? Ok, there was a lot of good runways this episode, and I do love when there's a goth themed runway like this where there's so many good looks to choose from (ie Roxxxy Andrews and Gottmik). But the winner here is Angeria. The spiderweb, the urn, the styling- all of it warmed my icy widow heart. 

(Photo credit: @angeriavm Instagram)

7. Q

"See You Next Wednesday" Drag Race Season 16, Episode 9

Watching this live and following stan Twitter, this look was definitely polarizing! As we've seen throughout this list, being goth is not just about wearing black! Q gave us black and white, gorgeous makeup, a mix of romantic Victorian goth, industrial goth, and some 80s goodness thrown in. This might be divisive, but this look is utterly goth! 

(Photo credit: MTV)

8. Icesis

"Coronation Eleganza" Canada's Drag Race Season 2, Episode 10 

So my colleagues and I were debating which of these 3 looks to put in as one of Icesis' goth looks... We couldn't decide so we chose all three! Besides, the three of them together look great as a package, in the finale episode of Canada's Drag Race they tell a story! The dazzling white angel, but with a touch of horror (ie the dental teeth retractor), the black moth, the black & red saint-like angel that would not look out of place in a Catholic church, Icesis gave us gothic perfection!

(Photo credit: Crave and @itsqueenicesis Instagram) 

9) Gottmik

"Grand Finale Eleganza Extravaganza" Season 13, Episode 16

So Gottmik gave us a lot of gothic choices! She was on our shortlist from the recent "Widow, Weep For Me" runway, and for her black & white runway from this same finale episode (the Hellraiser look was DIVINE), but we chose to go with this look from the third runway. It gives us that saint-like feel with the sacred heart taking full center. This gives Evil Fairytale Queen meets Catholic (demonic) Saint. If this were a statue, it would be perfectly placed in a chapel across from Icesis' red & black angelic look. 

(Photo credit: VH1)

10) Violet Chachki

"Stepdown Look" Drag Race Season 8, Episode 10

This look has gone down in history as one of the most iconic stepdown looks, if not one of the most iconic looks ever on Drag Race. Honestly, if they made a sequel to Death Becomes Her, this would be the perfect look for a new character. The jewels, the scarabs, the crown that is a part of her flesh- this is an immortal queen! Siempre Viva! 

(Photo credit: VH1)

 These looks have not only showcased the queens' creativity, but also brought gothic fashion to the forefront in a unique and memorable way. 

Signed with love, from Montreal's number one Elvira Impersonator, 

Tristan Ginger

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