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Become an Affiliate!

Are you a fan of Inchoo Jewelry?
Want to make some extra income sharing your passion for our brand?
Have a following that would love what we do ?

Become an affiliate of Inchoo Bijoux!
We offer 12% commission on sales with your custom code, on top of Free gifts and incredible deals on our collections!

We are looking for :

  • Brands that have a following of Goth, Witchy, Alternative, Lifestyle, Fetish styles! Are your fans passionate by the dark arts?
  • Insta accounts that have over 2000 Followers
  • No Private Accounts

We process with the app called Simple Affiliate. This app processes all payments automatically every month. All you have to do is enter your information!

Expectations :
We are looking for partners like you to help our brand awarness and get more people to see and learn about our collections.
We are looking for creators who are ready to put in work and create
content quality that will showcase our art : Content on feed, stories,
reels, Photos, Videos, etc.
During this time, you will represent our brand and respect our core values.
You will be sent a Brand Book with all our information : Branding, History, Values, Mission, Etc.

We reserve the right to accept or reject any application to our discretion.

Please fill our Application form for more information. We will get to you as fast as possible!

We are excited to work with you !

Apply Here!

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Have questions about our affiliate programs?

Our Store, Customer Service and More:

Phone: 514.938.GOTH
( 514.938.4684 )

To Reach Astrid or Text
Text : 418.905.3121

To reach us for repairs, returns, customer service:

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Become an Affiliate