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See you in Hell Etsy - Why you won't find us on Etsy Anymore

See you in Hell Etsy - Why you won't find us on Etsy Anymore

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See you in Hell Etsy

Why you won't find us on Etsy Anymore

Dear Dark OnesIt is with a heavy heart that we pen this missive to you. We have come to a solemn decision, one that has been wrought from the shadows of frustration and disappointment. We have decided to bid adieu to the realms of Etsy, forsaking its treacherous clutches and embarking on a new path.We find ourselves facing a troubling situation with Etsy that we must share with you. Unfortunately, Etsy has implemented a freeze on releasing our income for the next 90+ days, leaving us in diffuculty to pay our team, materials and costs of operating. To our dismay, they are currently withholding over $6,000 (and rising) from us and have not provided any explanation for this action. Regrettably, our attempts to seek clarification from their customer service have been met with frustration, as we struggle to receive a response from someone who can address our concerns adequately.However, the shadows of financial burden are not the sole catalyst for our departure. The fiendish Etsy has, in its eternal quest for insatiable profit, raised its fees from a mere 3.5% to a spine-chilling 6.5%, casting a maleficent shadow upon our once prosperous enterprise. To further torment us, they have imposed forced ad fees, transforming what was once a $60 daily toll during our peak seasons into an exorbitant sum of over $200 during ordinary times. It is an unforgiving burden that we can no longer bear, on top of the lack of control on any of these expenses.Etsy's demands for advertising have become a binding pact, one that weighs heavily upon our weary souls. We yearn for the freedom to promote our wares as we see fit, without the oppressive chains of compulsory advertisement obligations. Our creativity should not be stifled by the clutches of a merciless overlord that refuses to hear our needs and make justice when needed.The absence of a genuine Case Resolution Center has left us defenseless against the dark forces that roam within the Etsy realm. Customers are now enticed by Etsy to open cases against us for no real reasons. We wander aimlessly, lost in a labyrinth of inconsistent policies and uncaring administrators. The very essence of customer service for sellers has been exorcised, leaving us abandoned and voiceless in the face of adversity.They have been treating us as mere subjects of an Amazonian empire, blind to the fact that our craft is born from the sweat of our labor and the authenticity of our handmade creations. Etsy demands swift shipping akin to their monstrous counterpart, and mercilessly punishes those who cannot meet their infernal deadlines. We are also penalized should the postal services' speed fail us, an aspect beyond our control. It is a torment we can no longer endure.Lastly, we lament the lack of vigilance in Etsy's guardianship against false vendors. Countless impostors roam freely, peddling their deceitful wares adorned with stolen images. The very essence of authenticity and craftsmanship is tainted by these profane acts, casting doubt upon the integrity of the marketplace we once called home.
Thus, it is with bittersweet sorrow that we bid farewell to Etsy. We shall seek solace in our website, where our creations can flourish without the specter of financial exploitation and inadequate support haunting our every endeavor. Starting August 1rst, most of our collections will be removed from the Etsy Platform, leaving but our best sellers until Jan 2024.We hope to find a new sanctuary that values our craft and cherishes the bond between creators and customers, we hope someone will create a platform inspired by handmade values. Until then, let our parting serve as a somber reminder of the perils that lie beneath the seemingly enchanting facade of Etsy.With a heavy heart and a longing for brighter horizons,AstridAs a token of appreciation for your support and love for our Dark Arts,We are having a 20% Sale on our Handcrafted Sterling Silver Collections! We also put a lovely 30% off our Discontinued Collections(Sale Ends July 1rst 2023)Please help support us in our Journey away from the Etsy platform.Etsy is a fun platform to shop on but keep in mind that it costs A LOT to be on it now. If you find a seller / creator you like, try to find their personal website and purchase from there. The fee difference will help your favourite designers blossom. Also, we 100% encourage you to make noise about these injustices, we and other creators face, on social medias and protect people from falling into Etsy's money trap.

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