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Witchy Places to Hang Out in Montreal

Witchy Places to Hang Out in Montreal

Montreal is know for its spooky side! From cemeteries to shops, Montreal as everything the modern witch needs! This is our collection of top 5 witchy please to visit in Montreal!

Charme & Sortilege

A traditional occult shop geared towards white magic. This is a good place for beginner witches as there are already prepackaged spells ready to go with all the ingredients you need. This is also my go to place to buy coloured candles for a specific spell I want to do.  

6758 St Laurent Blvd


An alternative artisan fair with goths & witches in mind. Formally known as Witch Please, this market happens once a month, with various themes and over 40 vendors to choose from! This market has everything a witch could possibly want, from jewelry to ethical taxidermy, from gothic jewerly to uncensored art!

And did I mention it's free to attend? Maleficarum events are held 5 times a year at the Inchoo Bijoux shop!

4000 Ste Ambroise, suite 278

Cardinal Tearoom

We know witches love tea, and what better place to have tea than the Cardinal Tearoom?  Beautiful decor, with that dark academia aesthetic. Have a tea by yourself while you read a witchy book, or maybe have a meet up with your coven. Antiques, baked goods, tea, and quiet nooks to read, what more could a witch want?  

5326 St Laurent Blvd

Alchemiste en Herbe

Speaking of tea, here is a very special little shop in the heart of the Plateau. Along with tea you can find medicinal plants, floral elixirs, essential oils, crystals, and more A good witch knows a few ways of alternative healing. This is the perfect place to stock up on your witchy medicine cabinet! 

4567 St Denis Street

The Crypts of Notre-Dame-De-Bon-Secours

Witches often find power in the places of the dead. And this one is truly unique in Montreal! The oldest stone church on the island of Montreal, and a history full of twists and turns. Below the chapel, the crypt is being excavated as an archaeological site, which people can visit! Plus the Voûte and other spaces within the church are available for private rental. Coven birthday party anyone? 

Website for rentals:

2230 Sherbrooke Street West

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