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All our jewels are handmade in our workshop in Montreal!

Quick info & FAQ:
We make what is called "continuous wire" piercings, which means that the wire is meant to be bent, twisted, to open and then close. As much as it feels awkward, and it feels like your misshaping your jewelry, it is the correct way to do it. The rings are made to be twisted open. It's very important that you DO NOT pull the ring open, or you will affect it's shape.

Are your Piercings Clickers?
We do not sell clicker type piercings, as the components to make them would be to expensive and would result in septums priced over 150 $ each for our Sterling Silver collections. We can make a few as custom orders. Clickers that are found on the market are machine made and made in a way that can be reproduced thousands of time, which is not the type of machinery or craftsmanship that we can do or afford.

Can you make me a Belly Barbel or a screwed type piercing?
We cannot make jewelry or piercings that necessitate screwed parts like barbels, tongue piercings and such. Sterling Silver and Gold are very soft metals compared to surgical steel. It would result in jewelry that you could put in but maybe not ever take out, or jewels that the screws are weirdly loose. We prefer to make jewelry that we know will last you and that our handmade artisan making process can't fuck up. If you buy these types of jewels from another shop, make sure they are machine made so the parts fit well together and that the Karat is low (take a 10K ideally, do not take a 14K or 18K) as the gold in the mix makes the metal much softer and will damage with the friction of taking it off.

How do i find my septum ring size?
To find your Septum size, we recommend you measure the inner diameter of a septum ring you already have. With a pen, on a sheet of paper, mark the inner sides on opposite sides. Then take the ring away and measure the distance you have between both lines.
Another way to measure what septum size would suite you would be to use a thin strand of paper and a pen, and gently slide the paper in your nose to meet where your piercing is. Draw a line at the desired space you'd like it to have under your nose. The measure of the sheet and the line should be the inner diameter you are looking for.

How snug should i get my septum ring ?

Your septum ring shouldn't be to close to the bottom of your nose. It may make you feel constricted, and some of our models go a little over the hoop, and that could end up hurting you. I recommend taking a slightly bigger size for those models. We recommend you visit your local piercer to help you find what size suits you (keep the notes in your phone!). It's important that you'd be able to move the ring around a bit for comfort and to let your piercing hole breathe.

What are the best metals for Septums ?
We sell all of our Septums in Sterling Silver and in Solid Gold options. We do recommend solid gold piercings if you intend on keeping it on all the time.
Sterling Silver oxidizes in moist and high oxygen environments, so it's normal to see your piercing darken a bit with time. Nothing that a good cleaning from time to time and a polishing cloth cant fix!

I think i'm reacting to your Septum/Daith/Rook/Helix/Nose Ring?
Wehave has very little people react to our piercings as they are inMassive Sterling Silver or Massive Gold. We made a blog post about themost common situations, you can find it here.