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Chains & Necklace Sizing

Chains & Necklace Sizing

Chains & Necklace Sizing Charts

Choosing a Chain online can be pretty hard. We offer a variety of necklace and chain lengths to suit all your styling needs.

Our Models here demonstrate our most popular sizes on them.

Standard Women Sizings :

Chokers & Collars : 14-16 Inches
Sits on the neck or just at the base

Princess : 17-19 Inches
Sits on the Collarbones

Matinée : 20-24 Inches
Sits between the Collarbones and the top of the bust

Opera : 24-30 Inches
Sits on or lower than Bust

Rope : 30+ Inches
Sits bellow bust / long enough to do a double wrap

Standard Men Sizing:

18 Inches : Base of the neck
20 Inches : Sits on Collarbones
22 Inches : Roughly 1-3 Inches under Collarbones
24 Inches : Sits on chest
30 Inches : Sits mid chest

We understand that these standards are far from fitting everyone! Don't be shy to message us for a custom photo of a specific piece/ length. It's always a pleasure to assure you you are getting the best fit for you!