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Get to know Ève!

I have been working at the management of Inchoo Bijoux since the endof summer 2019.

I have just completed my DEC in business management and I amcontinuing to university in marketing.
I also studied visual arts for two years beforeentering the world of management.

What I love the most about working for Inchoo Bijoux is the spirit of community that we create together within the team.

Whenever we see that one of us needs support or help you are always sure to receive it, probably 10 times more than expected.

It is the first time that I have a job where I feel constantly validated and encouraged by my boss and my colleagues.

My favorite times are when we try to have serious meetings but we end up crying with laughter while eating industrial quantities of popcorn. My relationship with the company started as an admirer of their jewels and now the company allows me to develop my skills with each new project, I hope to stay for a long time.  When I’m not planning events, working on excel files or telling jokes, I specialize in erotic polaroidphotography and recycling art where I like to transform used or worthless objects intocollectable treasures. I am also passionate about fashion, horticulture, cycling and martialarts.

To see my art:
Instagram : lalieve_
Facebook : Lalieve
Etsy : Lalieve