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Le Saint-Motel

Le Saint-Motel is a multi sensory Selfie Studio based in the heart of
Montreal. Come experience over 13 captivating themed rooms and take your
unique self portraits in our creative Motel concept.

A unique Selfie Studio

Le Saint-Motel is a unique Selfie Studio accessible through Inchoo Bijoux's Boutique in Montreal.

What is a Selfie Studio

A Selfie Studio is a photography studio where you and your friends become your own personal photographer! Selfie Studios offer a wide variety of
decors, themes and creative environments to take unique pictures. Each room is perfectly designed for cellphone and professional photography,
with balanced lighting and photography accessories. You have total creative independence. It’s almost impossible to take a bad picture!

Marisa says: “Le Saint-Motel is a fantastical interactive experience that puts the artistic direction in your hands.”

Le Saint-Motel is available for Walk-ins and Private Rentals. For more details, visit our website!