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What is Witch Please :
Since 2018, Inchoo Bijoux planned multiple Witchy themed events in the City of Montreal. Our mission is to give a space for alternative, witchy and goth creators from Canada a space to sell their art, to celebrate our wickedness and build a community of love and magic. Our space frees us from censure in our artists art and performances.Each event has a different theme/focus; inviting guest artists to perform & divination art occultists to forsee, henna tattoo artists to come decorate our skins, hosting small workshops and much more as we grow. What started off to be an afternoon event with 3-4 other artists rapidly grew into an awaited seasonal artisan fair for adults (18+).

Our next Event :
Due to the Covid-19 situation, we will be postponing the May edition to a further date. Details will follow.

In the meantime we are hosting our First Virtual Market on December 3 to 6th 2020
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Visit WitchPleaseMtl Website for the full artisan list